Optima Battery D35 Yellow Top Deep Cycle 12V AGM 620 CCA 48AH

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Optima Battery D35 Yellow Top Deep Cycle 12V AGM 620 CCA 48AH available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

Optima Battery D35 Yellow Top Deep Cycle 12V AGM 620 CCA 48AH


Model: D35

Weight:36.4 lb
C20 Capacity:48 Ah
Post Type:SAE Post
CCA: 620 Amp
Width: 6.75 in
Length: 9.38 in
Height:7.69 in



The Yellow Top battery is the result of four decades of technological innovation and engineering. Like Optima's Red Top and Blue Top batteries, the battery features Optima's "Six Pack." The AGM design features spiral cells filled with highly absorbent, fine fiberglass mats.

Handles Heavy Loads

The Yellow Top battery delivers vital power when there are high electrical loads. Sometimes, demand exceeds alternator capacity. It's an excellent choice for vehicles loaded with accessories. For example, the Yellow Top delivers the power needed to meet the demands of an aftermarket audio system with extra amplifiers. When there's a substantial draw of electrical current, the Optima Yellow Top delivers the superior performance you need. Heavy loads often deplete traditional flooded lead-acid batteries to the point that they never recover.

You can also count on the Yellow Top battery to meet regular starting and operational needs.

Excellent No-alternator Solution

The deep-cycle battery is the perfect choice when there is no alternator. For example, competitive racers love the Yellow Top. They use it in ultra-lightweight hill-climb cars, drag cars and motorkhana specials. Also, the Yellow Top is up to 15 times more resistant to vibration than traditional flooded designs. This is a big plus in typical racing conditions. Extreme enthusiasts trust the Yellow Top when a power failure is not an option.

This deep-cycle design offers other important advantages. Count on the Yellow Top to perform across the wide range of Australia's weather extremes. Enjoy the superior performance you require during winters in Melbourne and summers in Sydney.

The Yellow Top battery delivers up to three times the battery life of certain competitors. The maintenance-free design is good for more than 300 discharge and recharge cycles. Better yet, the AGM design is virtually spill-proof. It is possible to mount the Yellow Top in almost any position.

Invest in the Yellow Top, a high-performing AGM battery from Optima, an industry leader in advanced battery technology. Its best-in-class material purity outperforms competing lead alloy models.

The Yellow Top deep-cycle battery delivers reliable power every day and everywhere!