Toyota Landcruiser 80/105 Series Road Safe Traction Rod - TR4410

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Toyota Landcruiser 80/105 Series Road Safe Traction Rod - TR4410 available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

The tie rod, also referred to as a track rod, functions as an adjustable rod positioned behind the differential, connecting the left and right wheels. Its primary role is to govern the track or toe in/out alignment of the wheels, ensuring proper alignment. During a vehicle's wheel alignment process, adjustments to the tie rod are typically made. In off-road scenarios, particularly in four-wheel drives, the tie rod is exposed and vulnerable. Therefore, upgrading to a sturdier and thicker track rod is highly recommended for enhanced durability.

This robust track rod boasts an impressive outer diameter of 34mm and a wall thickness of 6.5mm. Coated in a resilient black finish, it provides excellent resistance against corrosion and rust. Suitable as an upgraded replacement for standard or lifted vehicles, this track rod is a critical component for those seeking reliability in their off-road endeavors.


Fits Toyota Landcruiser 80 & 105 Series 1/90-on, including FJ80, FZJ80, HDJ181, HZJ181, HZJ80, HDJ80, HZJ81, HDJ81, HZJ105, FZJ105

Kit Includes:

  • Track Rod: 1120mm long
  • Castle nuts
  • Split pins

Upgrade your off-road experience with confidence, knowing that this Tough Dog track rod is built to withstand the challenges of challenging terrains. Invest in reliability and durability for your off-road adventures.