2023 Ford Ranger Wildtrak Ironman Raid Bullbar

2023 Ford Ranger Wildtrak Ironman Raid Bullbar

To save time, here is Link to purchase bar... when you're done reading you'll want it, so best we put it here. CLICK HERE.


With PPD's new Ranger being slowly setup for real use, a bullbar was a necessity. Protection from those pesky animals who tend to always show up when you least want them! 

When choosing a bullbar the key choice is do you want hoops or not. With the driving the PPD Wildtrak will do, we chose to not worry about the headlights and focus on radiators and intercoolers protection... so no hoops it was. The reason for the choice? We think it looks better. Simple really! 

So we went looking for sleek bullbars, Ironman released the Raid Bars and the choice was done.


The main features of the Ironman Raid Bar which caught our eye:
  • Integrated recovery points, rated to 5 tonne standard!
  • Chassis Mounted Winch Cradle, ready to take the big 12,00lb winches
  • Provisions for a 32" light bar (optional, which we fitted)
  • Provisions for 4 cube lights to allow use as fog lights/spot lights (a box we also ticked)
  • Maintains all OEM safety Features (radar cruise/blind-spot monitoring, parking sensors all fit back up like OEM.

Protusion discussions!

We were not the first to get these raid bars, and the first thing we saw all over the ranger forums / facebook / internet was the discussion that they stick out too far.

We can thankfully say this was just click bait / hype. 

The bar is quoted as sticking out 115mm and when you compare that to the standard bumper there really isnt a lot in it!

Taking photos to show this is quite hard, but we have done our best!

The below video helps show it the best we can hope to!




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