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    Item Return Process

    Any request for return need to be emailed to PPD Performance at sales@ppdperformance.com.au, detailing the following;

    • Your full name, contact number and address
    • Your order number
    • Details of the item you ordered
    • The reason you wish to return the item
    • photos of the item

    No returns will be accepted without express written approval from PPD Performance, and any such returns will be assessed against the terms outlined below;

    1) As per Australian Consumer Law, we are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind. Should PPD Performance accept a return on PPD Performance Exhausts, Ozroo Products, or Canyon Off-Road accessories, a 17.5% restocking and administrative charge will be implemented and deducted from any refund or store credit.

    2) We can not accept returns or order cancellations if you change your mind for third party items that are specifically ordered in, produced to order, or assembled to fulfil individual orders.

    If a return is accepted, at the discretion of PPD Performance, on these products, the resulting refund will be minus any assembly and disassembly charges, plus any cost incurred in having the item physically returned to the distributor. Additionally, after these costs have been covered, any refund will be be subject to a restocking charge of that will vary between 17.5% and 25%. This restocking charge will be deducted from any refund/credit

    These items include but are not limited to;

    • Xrox/outback accessories & Ironman bullbars, rear bars, steps and accessories
    • Suspension components and lift kits
    • Black duck seat covers
    • EGR Branded accessories including flares, canopies, roller covers, soft  overs, load shields 
    • Cruiser Console interior products
    • Emu wing/The cruiser company accessories
    • Direction Plus Diesel Accessories (including fuel filters and catch cans)
    • Electronic accessories 
    • Meredith Metalworks Snorkels, airbox's and components

    3) No returns will be accepted for items that have been installed, or have been attempted to have been installed on a vehicle

    4) Returns will only be accepted where the item is not in the original packaging

    5) Without exception, no returns will be accepted more than 90 days after purchase.  

    6) All cost for return postage will be the responsibility of the customer