4x4 Lift kit - constant loads and spring selections

4x4 Lift kit - constant loads and spring selections

Choosing your lift kit is an important element of any 4x4 build. Considering the additional accessories that are fitted to your vehicle and the additional weight impact on the vehicles suspension is an important consideration when selecting your lift kit. Getting this wrong can have ride height, tyre wear, wheel alignment and comfort implications

Each additional accessory adds weight to the vehicle, requiring consideration for heavier springs as the weight increases

Most kits available on our website feature the option to customise the kit relative to fixed accessories and constant load carrying. By making your selections the appropriate spring rate is then supplied with the kit, ensuring advertised ride heights are as close as possible.

Options supplied by PPD performance typically include the following spring rates front and rear:

Front Spring Selections

Rear Spring Selections

·        No Bull Bar/ Alloy Bull Bar

·        Steel Bull Bar

·        Steel Bull Bar & Winch


·        0-300kg Light Load

·        300kg Constant Load

·        500kg Constant Load



In each case above, the constant load refers to loads that are always on the vehicle, not occasional loads, or towing ball weights.

In terms of spring selection, the following general guide can be used to assist with making the right setup choices for your vehicle!

Front accessory weights;

Rear Accessory Weights

  • Nudge Bar (steel or alloy)           +12-14kg
  • Aluminium Bull Bar  +30-40kg
  •  Xrox and hoopless Bar              +35-45kg
  •  Standard Steel Bull Bar              +45-55kg
  • Heavy Duty Steel Bull Bar        +-55-70kg
  •  Additional Steel Side Rails (brush bars)+17kg
  •  Steel Side Steps +50kg
  •  Winch with Steel Cable              +45kg
  • Winch with Synthetic Rope      +25kg
  • Additional Battery  30kg
  • Light Bars/Spot Lights              +5kg


  • Steel Tray              +150-220kg
  • Tub Rack +40kg
  • Fibreglass Canopy +40-60kg
  • Small Tool Box Alloy (Empty)      +30-50kg
  • Under Tray Tool Box (Empty)       +20-35kg
  • Spare Wheel (Each)    +35kg
  • Draw System   +40-60kg
  • Roof Top Tent   +60-80kg
  • Roof Rack  +30-50kg
  • Long Range tank  + 1kg per addition litre of fuel
  • Small vehicle fridge (50 - 70 litres) +40kg
  • Large vehicle fridge (80-110 litres) + 60kg
  • Solar Panels +10kg


By reviewing the loads on your vehicle, you can achieve the best match in terms of spring selection, and achieve the best suspension outcome for the 4x4.

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