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    A blog to track the PPD MY22 Wildtrak build, documenting all the ins and outs of the various modifications possible to the new ranger! 

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    Roof Rack

    Yakima Platform Solution 

    The backbone solution as shown in the first photo can be found here; LINK








    If you have factory Wildtrak rails that you wish to maintain then Yakima do a clamp on solution, link here; PLATFORM LINK

    The alternative is cross bars instead of a platform, which can be found here:

    Cross Bar Link




    The following is detail which only pertains to the Wildtrak, the other models do not have pre-drilled holes based on current information. 

    There were many rumours the new generation ranger roof line was the same as the old rangers. We can confirm this is incorrect.

    We removed the factory roof rails on the Wildtrak to expose 2x M6 and 1x M8 on each mounting point. The M6 are exposed threads allowing instant installation of roof racks, the M8 bolts require dropping the roof lining to remove the blocker bungs.

    These holes are in different locations to the previous rangers, so Yakima and OzRoo are currently redeveloping backbone solutions to suit.



    Tub Rack

    Wildtrak tub racks have now been tested and confirmed.

    The sailplanes on the MY22 Wildtrak is shorter, creating a longer mounting position for the tub racks. This has allowed the tub racks (with specialized wildtrak feet) to go straight on! LINK HERE

    The internal brace points in the tub are unfortunately different and will be remade shortly.


    Tub Crossbars

    Side steps