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    For all the guys at PPD, performance 4x4 is our passion after all, the company would not exist at all if we didn't live the lifestyle. When one of our directors upgraded to a new Ford Ranger, we knew it wouldn't be long until they started ripping it apart to improve on Ford's base. This blog will follow the path of this car, from standard to ... well you'll have to read on to see.

    Let's start the beginning. 

    We waited until the end of financial year and pitted all the local Perth dealers against each other.
    Eventually landing on a black 2017 with tech pack. Black. For a 4wd... we know... madness. 


    We did some research on wraps, protective panels and wax... finally settling on OptiCoat as a protective wax/silicone based substance applied by a local detailer - Deluxe Detailing - and then drove it straight to test how well the coat worked. For reference the car had 1,2000 kms at this point.

    We always said, if you're going to buy it you better use it. 
    We also reconsidered why we paid the extra for the black paint at this point. 
    Amazingly, almost all of the pin striping simply cleaned off and the rest was to be buffed out at a later date. 
    The opportunity was also taken to have the logo fitted during this clean.

    Then the fun began, after a few variations of design, we fitted our DPF back exhaust and completed a stage 1 tune. Warranty's are overrated we thought.

    This lasted a few months whilst we perfected our DPF delete, finalizing the turbo back exhaust, which really brought the car to life.

    It wasn't long after a few beach trips that it was obvious the standard Ford tyres really aren't up to the job and the banter from fellow enthusiasts regarding our standard setup was eating at us.

    Crumbling under the peer pressure, and needing some more sand-friendly tyres, some A/Ts and rims to suit were added.

    We opted for a relatively simple package knowing we would likely damage them along the tracks... 

    Major Updates for 2018:

    An opportunity came up with a local protection supplier to test their recently developed products. Thus, after some back and forth PPD-000 fitted a bullbar and sidesteps! Whilst it was in for this work we also had the car completely blacked out for a more zombie apocalypse look.

    We then had a customer come in with a big lift and some mean flares.
    This made us wonder why PPD-000 was running stock height...

    Thus, we found a good supplier for some suspension... watch this space!


    If you want to suggest some modifications or give us feedback on our current setup, leave your comments below.

    For all the guys at PPD, performance 4x4 is our passion and we always love hearing from our customers about our existing and new product solutions, whether by Email, Facebook or Instagram.