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    PPD Performance ute tray Swinging Tub Box

    Sick of your tools, recovery gear and other items being exposed to weather and theft ?

    Picture yourself with a secure place to store all your gear: tools, trailer accessories, jumper cables, 4x4 compressor, PPE, Gym gear or maybe just the bread and milk on the way home. All of the stuff that is currently rolling around in your Ute Tray.

     Available for Triton, Ranger Hilux, Amarok and DMAX - The operation of these swing box’s is simple -  Pull a release lever and the case pivots towards you, eliminating the need to climb into the tray to get your gear.

     Water resistant, lockable and durable. The PPD Performance Ute Tray Swinging storage tub Case is the storage solution you have been looking for

     Constructed from durable ABS plastic, The PPD Performance Ute Tray Swinging storage Tub Case is compatible with all tonneau covers and tucks away nicely to preserve your tray space for your other tools. The box’s themselves are also removable, creating fantastic portability for getting your gear to site.

    The PPD Performance ute tray Swing box is Compatible with your tonneau and roller cover, and able to be installed in vehicles fitted both with and without tub liners (note, plastic tub liners will require a small amount of fitting to install the mounting hardware)

     These versatile accessories are rated to 35KG each and come complete with fitting instructions for stress free installation