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    ProVent Crankcase Ventilation Systems are rising in popularity and PPD Performance takes a second to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

    Q: Should I install a ProVent Catch can ?

    Vaporous Oil entering your air intake from the crankcase ventilation system combined with exhaust gases from exhaust gas recirculation causes  deposit build-up in modern diesel engines. Over time, these deposits build up, restricting flow, and reducing performance. A ProVent Catch can will prevent this build up, ensuring your vehicle performance is maintained.

    Q: How can I tell if my ProVent  filter element needs replacing?
    A: There will be a slight oily residue around the bypass port of the unit. Check
    the product fitment guide to identify where the bypass valve is located for each
    ProVent model.

    Q: How long will my ProVent element last?
    A: Depends on the amount of soot in the blow by. High soot = shorter life. On
    average the element should last 20-40,000km.

    Q: Why do i have oil leaking from the bottom of the ProVent 150 bypass valve?
    A: Element is blocked.

    Q: Do I need a Check Valve for my ProVent installation?
    A: Only ff you are plumbing the oil back into the engine.

    Q: Can I vent to atmosphere if I install a MANN+HUMMEL ProVent?
    A: On passenger cars no as it renders the installation illegal. On other
    applications it is possible to vent to atmosphere providing legislation allows it.

    Q: Is it necessary to return the separated oil back to the sump?
    A: It depends on the application. Generally the effort required to plumb the oil
    back is not worth it. Just fit a drain pipe and discard regularly.

    Q: Where is the best place to install my ProVent in my vehicle?
    A: We suggest avoiding the firewall and also immediately behind the radiator.
    Breather hoses should not lean up against other sensitive equipment – e.g. brake fluid reservoir, belts, exhaust manifolds, sharp edges etc. In addition, breather hoses should be routed through the engine bay so that they do not restrict (kink)
    internal flow.

    Q: Will the ProVent void my new car warranty?
    A: NO. Note that by fitting the ProVent, you are actually doing the OEM a favour.

    Many top end trucks come with crank case filtration as standard because it
    works. Additionally, consider that after 100,000km, it is generally your problem as warranty is void and by not fitting a ProVent earlier, you will eventually need to pay to get the system cleaned and/or repaired.

    Q: Can I wash the ProVent element?
    A: The element inside is an air oil separator designed to agglomerate tiny oil droplets into bigger ones. Soot will become trapped inside of the separator
    element. It is not possible to wash out dirt and soot from inside the element
    without effecting the performance of the element. We do not recommend
    washing the separator element.