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    Most post-2007 diesel vehicles are fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) for emissions reasons, however there are a few disadvantages to this device; including constant maintenance and repairs. When your car is used only for off-road use, there are a number of benefits to removing your DPF.

    So what is this DPF?

    Factory Nissan Navara DPF

    Due to the combustion process of diesel motors, and the different quality of diesel fuels available, the engines produce left over diesel particles which are then released into the atmosphere via the exhaust. Emissions standards have become stricter over the years, therefore the diesel particulate filter was born. It is a device fitted in the exhaust that is designed to remove ash or soot from the exhaust gases of a diesel motor, by forcing the gases through a porous channel wall consisting of thousands of channels to collect the diesel soot.

    Some of these filters are single-use and must be replaced once they are full of soot, whereas others can be actively burnt off via the engine control unit (ECU) by increasing the temperature, or by injecting raw fuel in to burn it off - known as filter regeneration. However eventually all filters efficiency decrease over time until they are non-serviceable and must be replaced.

    There are number of different filter technologies such as wall flow filters, ceramic fiber filters, metal flow through filters, and even paper filters, all with the intention of fine filtration of diesel particles.

    So how does this affect you and your vehicle?

    Disadvantages of the DPF system

    Unfortunately for most emissions related devices, they can be party poopers especially for performance enthusiasts. 

    As the DPF is an added restriction in the exhaust (think catalytic converters) it automatically causes extra backpressure in the exhaust, resulting in slightly reduced performance (sluggish feel).

    The other problem with DPF fitted vehicles are the constant maintenance and servicing required by the owner such as replacing the DPF when it is 'full', a cleaning cycle of every 12 months, 1000 hours, or 60-100,000km's depending on the manufacturer recommendations.

    Regardless of the frequency of the vehicles DPF regeneration to 'burn off', they do eventually become fouled to the point of being unserviceable and requiring full replacement. 

    Failure to continue this upkeep results in reduced exhaust flow which leads to reduced power output, reduced fuel efficiency, and faulty or cracked DPF's causing full replacement.

    Wouldn't it be nice to have one less thing to worry about?

    The DPF Delete and the Benefits

    Firstly, we must advise that DPF's are an emissions device and therefore we can only recommend a DPF delete kit be fitted for off-road vehicles. With that out of the way there are number of seriously worthwhile benefits to having the DPF removed from the exhaust system.

    1. It removes the need to service the DPF at regular intervals (cleaning, replacement)

    2. A DPF delete will remove the possibility of a DPF failure which could cause expensive diesel repairs

    3. Due to less exhaust backpressure, the DPF delete increases exhaust flow and therefore increases the performance of your motor!

    4. Paired with an ECU remap, the DPF delete is proven to increase power and torque for all vehicles

    To realise the true benefits of having the DPF removed, a PPD Performance ECU remap is highly recommend to maximise the fuel mapping and remove any DPF error codes that may arise from the DPF delete.

    If you are in the market for a diesel 4x4, don't let a vehicle fitted with a DPF deter you from ownership! You can avoid problematic DPF issues with a PPD Performance DPF delete or full turbo back exhaust system and ECU remapping to suit your vehicle. Not only does this result in a more reliable, maintenance free experience during your ownership, but you will also have the added benefits of more power and a more efficient motor. 

    PPD Performance have engineered a number of turbo back exhaust systems (including DPF delete) for most popular 4x4's. Check for your vehicle here today!

    Note: DPF removal components are designed for off-road use only.