4x4 Lift kits and suspension

4x4 Lift kits and suspension

Rancho Shocks

Developed right here in Australia, Rancho shocks are designed to meet the demands of comfortable four-wheel drive use in the rugged Aussie outback!

Rancho shocks use a progressive engagement valving system to offer great ride quality, road holding and improved off-road capabilities.

The innovative Rancho shock absorber uses advanced compression functionality and a unique rebound valving system. This reduces harsh impacts and improves the vehicle’s on and off-road handling performance.

The foam cell construction in Rancho shocks unlocks a more consistent performance in even the harshest of conditions. The design allows for greater heat dissipation and reduces pressure on the seal. This gives you a smoother ride and prolongs the life span of your shock.

Rancho’s 10-stage velocity sensitive valving system gives your shock the ability to perform at its best on changing terrains. This improves control and handling and ultimately results in a safer ride.

What should you choose.

We offer a variety of front and rear spring configurations tailored to your vehicle.