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For more power, better sound, and an increase in fuel economy, installing aftermarket cat backs should be one of the first upgrades you make to your 4x4 vehicle. 

Cat backs are the part of the exhaust system behind the catalytic converter, consisting of a resonator, piping and muffler.

Aftermarket cat backs produce a more pronounced exhaust tone than a stock exhaust because of their straight-through muffler design. They are constructed using mandrel bends instead of crush bends, meaning you get a better exhaust flow through the intermediate pipe. Their larger diameter piping also improves exhaust flow, resulting in more horsepower and a more aggressive performance sound. 

At PPD Performance, we sell brand new cat backs designed specifically to fit your 4x4 vehicle. 

Cat Backs Designed For Your 4x4

Our PPD Performance cat backs are made from polished stainless steel that is corrosion resistant and three times cheaper than similar systems. 

Our systems run from the front cats’ through to the tip, removing the rear cats’ and resulting in significant gains in sound, economy and performance. Best of all, our cat backs are easy to install. 

If you’re planning on touring, we recommend installing the optional centre muffler so your vehicle remains subtle at idle and cruise. 

We have cat backs designed to suit a range of 4x4 vehicles including:

  • Nissan Patrol Y62 V8 2013+
  • Nissan Patrol Y62 V8 2020+
  • Toyota 100 Series Landcruiser 4.7 V8
  • Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser 4.7 V8
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser 4.0 Petrol V6 2011-2013
  • Jeep Cherokee SRT 6.4 V8 2012+
  • Jeep Wrangler 3.6 Petrol V6 2012+.

Cat Backs and 4x4 Exhausts Perth

At PPD Performance in Perth, we specialise in designing and engineering 4x4 exhausts to maximise the performance of your vehicle. Contact us today about our cat backs, turbo backs and other exhausts today and we will help you choose the right system for your vehicle.