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4x4 Catch Cans

Aftermarket 4x4 catch cans are designed to capture the oil that gets into the crankcase and is fed back into the motor. When this happens, the contaminants are burnt in the combustion process, creating blow-by gas.

When the blow-by gas combines with oil vapour, it creates a sticky build-up that coats your valves and injectors, resulting in a noticeable decrease in fuel efficiency and performance.

This build-up can be significantly reduced with 4x4 catch cans. Simply install them between the crankcase ventilation system and the air intake and blow-by gas will be redirected through a filter, which separates the oil from the air. Oil is then caught in the catch can, making sure the air from the crankcase is clean before it is fed back into the intake. 

Fitting 4x4 catch cans to your turbo diesel vehicle is particularly important because of high engine compression ratios that increase the amount of blow-by gas.

PPD Performance’s Selection of 4x4 Catch Cans

At PPD Performance, we sell 4x4 catch cans in dual kits that consist of both catch cans and pre-filters, made by reliable brands like Provent, Direction-Plus and Ryco. 

Our 4x4 catch cans will reduce the amount of oil and other contaminants that enter your clean air intake during the combustion process, guarding your engine against reduced performance. 

We have 4x4 oil filters designed to suit a range of makes and models of vehicles including:

  • Toyota Hilux, Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Prado, Toyota Fortuner
  • VW Amarok
  • Mitsubishi Triton, Mitsubishi Challenger
  • Ford Everest, Ford Ranger
  • Isuzu D-Max
  • Nissan Navara
  • Mazda BT-50.

4x4 Catch Cans & Aftermarket Products Perth

PPD Performance in Perth stocks a range of aftermarket products designed to maximise the power and performance of your vehicle. 

For more information about how you can upgrade your vehicle by fitting one of our 4x4 catch cans, contact one of our expert team members today.