All 4x4 Diesel Pre Filter Kits Products

Diesel Pre-Filter Kits

Diesel pre-filter kits are an effective and efficient way of preventing fuel contamination. They can help guard against fuel and water lubricity problems, which are the cause of the majority of diesel fuel injection failures. Also, pre-filter kits protect the diesel engine from issues that may turn into more expensive injector problems.

Installing a pre-filter kit between the fuel filter and fuel tank will tackle particle and water contamination. It also maximises the protection of the entire diesel fuel system.

Benefits of Diesel Pre-Filter Kits

  • Reduce Wear and Tear – A pre-filter kit reduces the wear and tear on the vehicle’s filtration system. As a result, you prevent spending more on repairs down the track.
  • Superior Filtration – Diesel pre-filter kits will provide up to 95 percent water separation. It also removes most of the particles responsible for contamination.
  • Separate Emulsified Water – The kit separates dangerous emulsified water from   Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD). Diesel Pre-Filter kits have a water drainage bowl that allows you to identify the removed water.
  • Keeps Key Engine Parts Clean – It will ensure that crucial engine components are clean. Also, contaminated fuel will not pass through the fuel system even if the primary filter is blocked.

Why Install Diesel Pre-Filter Kits?

Our diesel pre-filter kits are designed to cope with the weather and driving conditions specific to Australia. 

Critically, diesel pre-filter kits remove water and other impurities from Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel. 

Late-model common rail diesel engines can struggle with emulsified water, which is a pollutant that you can’t see. If the engine suffers from particle and water contamination, your 4x4 may experience a decrease in power, blow black smoke or emit a foul odour. Your vehicle may also shake and shudder at all speeds, or even suddenly stop while on the road. Diesel pre-filter kits can help you avoid these issues.

For more information about our diesel pre-filter kits, contact PPD Performance today. We can assist you with your engine filter needs.