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DPF Backs

If you own a 4WD vehicle with a diesel particulate filter, you should consider investing in one of our DPF backs. PPD Performance offers DPF back exhausts for various 4WD makes and models. 

A diesel particulate filter or DPF removes the soot from the diesel engine’s exhaust. Diesel engines produce tiny carbon particles due to fuel composition and incomplete combustion when the engine burns the fuel. 

The tiny particles can be a health hazard and affect your vehicle’s performance. DPF backs are designed to effectively manage those particles and produce cleaner emissions.

Benefits of DPF Backs

Installing one of our DPF backs can effectively reduce harmful emissions such as hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide by a significant amount.

Advancements in technology means DPF backs are more efficient than ever at eliminating and trapping tiny particles, as well as removing soot and other residue. 

Our DPF backs also provide power and sound improvements. We use the mandrel bending technique in manufacturing our DPF back exhausts. The process ensures the pipe’s diameter stays constant throughout its length. This in turn provides a seamless flow of air for the whole pipe’s length. 

We use high-grade stainless steel for the DPF back exhausts. This material is corrosion-resistant, which will help prevent damage due to exposure to seawater and rust. 

Installing Our DPF Backs

Our team designed our DPF backs to follow the factory layout of your original vehicle. So there’s no need to drill new holes to install your new exhaust. Also, you don’t need ramps, stands, hoists, or special tools for the installation process. The kits come with all the gaskets and bolts you need to install the DPF back yourself. 

Contact us today to learn more about DPF backs and other performance parts for your vehicle. Our expert team is on hand to answer any questions you may have.