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ECU Remapping for your 4x4

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ECU Remapping is one of the best ways to increase the performance of a 4WD and is key to most 4x4 power upgrades. After remapping, a vehicle has better power delivery, improved torque, and increased throttle response.

Remapping is the process of changing the computer of the engine, which is known as the engine control unit or ECU. Reprogramming the ECU will modify the sensors, fuel injection, airflow, and more.

4x4 Power Upgrades

ECU remapping supersedes the factory settings set by the manufacturer. It gets rid of the caps set in the factory. The remapping method makes the engine of the 4x4 more accurate by considering several factors, including fuel quality in the market, the area where you use the vehicle, and altitude you drive at.

The combination of fine-tuning and remapping will offer increased power output and torque. It also improves the range of ute. The remap can improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle that provides savings in the long run. It enhances the performance and driveability of the vehicle.

How PPD Performance ECU Remapping Works

When you buy a remapper from PPD Performance, we will send you the instructions along with the software that you’ll need to transfer the file required for the process.

After downloading the file, you will need to submit it to PPD Performance, and our specialist technicians will analyse the data. They will optimise the settings based on your driving preferences. We can create more than one remap if you are planning to use your 4x4 in a range of different conditions. Once you receive the remapped file, all you need to do is upload it to the vehicle.

ECU Remapping Professionals

If you want to know more about our ECU remapping and 4x4 power upgrades, contact us today. Our team will provide you with advice and accessories to help you upgrade your vehicle.  

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