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Ford Ranger Side Steps & Rock Sliders

When it comes to accessories for your 4x4, Ford Ranger side steps and rock sliders are among the most popular. They offer excellent protection, especially if you are regularly off-roading for work or recreation. 

Ford Ranger rock sliders serve two main purposes. They provide easier access into the cabin with a foothold incorporated into the design. Also, it protects the vehicle from logs, rocks, and high ground. The design lets you slide off obstacles instead of getting stuck on them. 

With Ford Ranger rock sliders, you don’t need to worry about getting in and out of tight spots. 

Our OzRoo side steps are made from highly durable materials that will take the beating instead of your Ford Ranger.

Ford Ranger Rock Sliders 

OzRoo Ford Ranger side steps and rock sliders feature:

  • High tensile, reinforced steel
  • Hard-wearing multistage powder-coating finish
  • Leading design and manufacturing techniques using advanced bending and fabrication processes
  • Comes with optional scrub bars for additional protection.

As a 100 percent Australian-owned company, we know the terrain and weather conditions our customers face. That’s why we choose to stock OzRoo rock slider and side steps because they are designed for the local conditions. 

If you go off-road, especially in rough terrain, Ford Ranger rock sliders are a necessity. No one wants to destroy their 4x4. Also, body parts are not easy to repair. Ford Ranger rock sliders will help you avoid such damage and can make it easier to get off an obstacle without needing tow straps and a winch. 

Our rock sliders also make good attachment points for flipping your Ford Ranger back on its tyres after a rollover. These products are designed to be strong enough to take on the weight of your ute.  

For more information about Ford Ranger side steps and rock sliders, contact us at PPD Performance today. We are more than happy to answer your questions.

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