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    Holden Rodeo Stainless Steel Exhausts

    The best way to optimise the performance and power of your ute is through a new exhaust system. PPD Performance offers quality Holden Rodeo stainless steel exhausts that will unleash your 4x4’s beast within. 

    Our Holden Rodeo exhausts free up power in the engine by providing a more efficient path for exhaust emissions to escape. The performance exhaust system lets the engine breathe better and produce more energy. 

    Our exhaust system contains all you need to maximise your ute’s power. The package includes mufflers, pipes, exhaust headers – everything you need for your Holden Rodeo to perform and sound better than ever. 

    Holden Rodeo Exhausts

    We manufacture our Holden Rodeo Stainless steel exhausts using the mandrel bending technique. That way, we can ensure the pipe diameter remains the same while bending. As a result, energy flows smoothly through the pipes.

    Holden Rodeo Exhausts

    We also use high-grade stainless steel to prevent corrosion from seawater and rust. 

    Although appearance is not the main reason for investing in an aftermarket exhaust system, our Holden Rodeo exhausts will make your ute more visually appealing. The polished exhaust will make your vehicle stand out from the rest. 

    You’ll immediately know the difference in the performance with the deeper sound that our performance exhausts make. Its deep vibrato is sure to make heads turn.

    The best thing about our Holden Rodeo stainless steel exhausts is that they are easy to install. You can install one without stands, ramps, or a hoist. If DIY installation is not for you, we can recommend a professional installer to take care of it for you. We have an installer network with trusted professionals all over Australia ready to install your Holden Rodeo stainless steel exhaust in no time. 

    If you have any questions about our Holden Rodeo exhausts and other aftermarket parts, contact us today. We are on hand to answer all your questions right away.