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    Isuzu Dmax ECU Remapping

    Isuzu Dmax ECU remapping is an effective way of increasing the performance and power of your 4x4. Upgrading the Electronic Control Unit can significantly improve horsepower and torque, provide better power delivery, and maximising throttle response. 

    Remapping is key to any Isuzu Dmax power upgrade and can also improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. 

    Getting an Isuzu Dmax Power Upgrade

    Isuzu Dmax ECU remapping will remove limitations placed on your vehicle by the manufacturer. The remapping process will make the settings more precise by considering your usual driving conditions, altitude, and fuel quality available in the local market.

    Isuzu Dmax ECU remapping can adjust fuel usage to make your vehicle more efficient and get the best value from your money. Remapping essentially enhances the precision of your vehicle’s fuel controller for better fuel economy. 

    An Isuzu Dmax power upgrade will also make your vehicle easier to drive. Its performance and driveability can improve by up to 40 percent. 

    Another benefit of Isuzu Dmax ECU remapping is the improvement in the responsiveness of the engine throttle. As a result, you’ll get better performance from your 4x4. The process adjusts the fuelling system to ensure ignition timing and pressures are matched. 

    How Isuzu Dmax ECU Remapping Works

    To remap your Dmax, purchase a remapper (remote tune) from us and use the easy to follow instructions provided to connect it to your vehicle and initiate the process.

    Using the provided software, the end result is a standard file which you email to our expert team at PPD Performance for analysis using specialist software and industry-proven systems. We will send you back the tuned file which you can upload to your Remapper for connection and transfer back to your vehicle. 

    We can personalise the remapping to your driving requirements. We can also provide you with more than one remap so that you can switch depending on where you are going and what you are doing with your vehicle.

    Isuzu Dmax Power Upgrade Experts

    Contact us today and let our technicians help you decide on the right Isuzu Dmax ECU remapping for your 4x4.