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    Isuzu D-MAX Side Steps & Rock Sliders

    If you own an Isuzu D-Max, then you probably know the importance of protecting it. To maintain the look and performance of your vehicle you should consider Isuzu D-Max side steps and rock sliders. 

    Isuzu D-Max side steps make it easier to step in and out of your Isuzu ute. Our Isuzu D-Max rock slider side steps will also protect the rocker panels from rocks, logs, and other debris. They also serve as a good pivot point when manoeuvring over obstacles. 

    Isuzu D-Max Rock Sliders

    At PPD Performance, we offer Isuzu D-Max rock sliders made from high tensile, reinforced steel. Instead of the under edge of your vehicle getting destroyed by the terrain and rocks, the rock slides will take the beating. 

    Rock sliders are designed to let you slide away from an obstacle. Every dent and scrape on your rock slider or side step is one less scratch on your ute. They are made using a mandrel bending technique to ensure uniform strength and durability throughout the material.

    Isuzu DMAX Rock Sliders and Side Steps

    The multistage powder-coating finish used on our Isuzu D-Max rock sliders is more durable than regular paint. It also makes the Isuzu D-Max side steps stand out from other rock sliders on the market.  

    When you purchase our Ozroo rock sliders, they come in a complete fitting kit. The kit provides for easy bolt-on installation. In case you want a professional to install it for you, we have a trusted installer network across Australia that you can go to.  

    If you take your 4x4 off-road often, Isuzu D-Max side steps and rock sliders are a must. It prevents unnecessary damage to your ute and saves you from expensive repair costs. 

    For more information about Isuzu D-Max rock sliders and other Isuzu D-Max aftermarket accessories we stock, contact us today. We’re happy to answer your questions about our 4x4 parts range.