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    Toyota Landcruiser Stainless Steel Exhausts

    One of the best ways to maximise the power and performance of your 4WD is with one of our Toyota Landcruiser stainless steel exhausts. 

    PPD Performance offers specialist exhaust systems that free up energy by allowing emissions to escape more efficiently. We stock several Toyota Landcruiser exhausts that will make your engine breathe and perform better. 

    Toyota Landcruiser stainless steel exhausts boost the power of your 4WD, taking it to the next performance level. 

    We offer kits that include exhaust headers, pipes, and mufflers that not only boost performance but look great. The polished finish will make your 4WD stand out from other Landcruisers.

    Toyota Landcruiser Exhausts

    At PPD Performance we have custom designed and engineered our own range of Toyota Landcruiser stainless steel exhausts. These Toyota Landcruiser exhausts are made using a mandrel bending technique. The process will ensure that the diameter is uniform throughout the exhaust pipe, even in the curved sections, optimising flow through the exhaust pipes.

    Our Toyota Landcruiser exhausts

    Our Toyota Landcruiser exhausts are made from high-grade stainless steel that’s resistant to corrosion, minimising rust and damage caused from exposure to seawater.

    Installation of Toyota Landcruiser Stainless Steel Exhausts

    It is easy to install Toyota Landcruiser exhausts from PPD Performance. We designed the exhaust kits based on the factory layout of your vehicle. They’re designed for bolt on installation which means you don’t need to drill any holes for the bolts. 

    The exhaust kits come with all the gaskets, bolts, and other parts required for DIY installation. You don’t need to use hoists, stands, or ramps for the installation.

    If you’d prefer a professional to take care of the installation, we can refer you to a trusted installer. We have a network of installers throughout the country who you can call on.

    Contact us today for more information about Toyota Landcruiser exhausts and our other aftermarket parts.