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    4x4 Lights

    If you’re looking to add some aftermarket 4x4 lights to your vehicle, then light emitting diodes (LEDs) are a popular choice.

    LEDs use less energy, last longer and don’t require any warm-up time. Not only that but quality LED 4x4 lights are durable, waterproof and vibration resistant so they’ll withstand any driving conditions.

    When you’re off-roading or driving at night, you’ll want high output 4x4 lights to ensure maximum visibility. Add 4x4 lights to your roof, bullbar or anywhere you can affix a bracket. 

    Being able to see better means you’ll be safer when you’re navigating bends and corners, as well as protecting you from road debris, animals and other unseen obstacles.

    At PPD Performance, our selection of 4x4 lights includes driving lights, light bars, combination driving lights kits and rock lights. 

    Our Range of 4x4 Lights

    We sell 4x4 lights from trusted and reliable brands, such as Narva, Great Whites, Thunder and SRW. 

    Benefits of Rock lights

    If you’re going off-road and traversing tricky terrain, rock lights will light up the ground around your front tyres, helping you see more clearly. Our Direction Plus rock lights can be used for both front and rear lighting, essential for when you’re reversing. 

    Nothing provides as much light as a high-performance driving light bar. These 4x4 lights provide superior spread and distance, meaning you won’t need to use any other lights. Our Narva Explora LED Driving Light Bar has a 30% brighter light output than conventional LED driving light bars.

    When distance and light volume are essential for safe driving, you can’t go past one of our 4x4 lights. 

    4x4 Lights and Performance Products Perth

    At PPD Performance in Perth, we sell 4x4 lights and other performance products to make sure you’re fully equipped for your next off-roading adventure.

    Whether you’re navigating backroads or beaches, the expert team at PPD Performance can help you choose the right performance products for your 4x4 vehicle.