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    Mazda BT50 Side Steps & Rock Sliders

    Some of the most popular products among our customers are our Mazda BT50 side steps and rock sliders. These protect your vehicle while off-roading, whether it is for recreation or work. 

    Mazda BT50 rock sliders and side steps give you two benefits. Firstly, they make it easier to access the cabin via the built-in foothold. Secondly, they protect your vehicle from rocks, high ground, and logs. They essentially allow you to slide off obstacles in the terrain you are tackling. 

    Another reason why you should get rock sliders is that they can allow you to get out of sticky situations quickly, without needing to use a winch and tow straps. You can also use the rock sliders as attachment points for flipping your 4WD back on its tyres after rolling over. 

    When you have Mazda BT50 rock sliders, there’s less chance of getting stuck while off-roading. We offer Mazda BT50 side steps and rock sliders from OzRoo. This brand’s products are known for their durability and toughness. 

    Mazda BT50 Rock Sliders & Side Steps Features

    Some features of our Mazda BT50 side steps and rock sliders include:

    • Reinforced steel composition
    • Multistage powder-coating 
    • Advanced design and manufacturing process 
    • Optional scrub bars for more protection.

    As a locally owned and operated company, we know the weather conditions and terrain drivers face in WA and other parts of Australia. That’s how we know which products are made for local driving conditions and lasting the distance. 

    Simply put, If you love driving in rough terrain, you should consider installing Mazda BT50 side steps and rock sliders. Investing in these accessories can help you avoid expensive body repairs and replacement of damaged parts, which can save you much more money in the long run. 

    For more information about Mazda BT50 rock sliders and side steps, contact us today!