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    Mitsubishi Triton ECU Remapping

    Want to get the most out of your Mitsubishi Triton? Then you should consider Mitsubishi Triton ECU remapping. Upgrading the Electronic Control Unit of your ute can improve the torque of the engine, maximising throttle response, and delivering power effectively.

    Remapping is key to any Mitsubishi Triton power upgrade. It can also make your vehicle more fuel efficient.

    Mitsubishi Triton Power Upgrade

    Mitsubishi Triton ECU remapping will override the default factory settings of the electronic control unit that limits the power of your vehicle. The process makes the settings more precise by considering your specific driving conditions and habits, fuel quality, and altitude of your location.

    Fuel efficiency is another by-product of an ECU remapping. You’ll save money on fuel in the long run. It makes the fuel controller of the vehicle more precise for better fuel economy.

    Mitsubishi Triton power upgrade

    A Mitsubishi Triton power upgrade with remapping can boost driveability and performance by up to 40 percent.

    An ECU remapping can improve the responsiveness of engine throttle, increasing the performance of the vehicle. The process includes the adjustment of the fuelling system to ensure pressure and ignition timing are matched.

    Mitsubishi Triton ECU Remapping Process

    When you purchase a remapper from PPD Performance, we provide you with instructions on how to connect it to your vehicle. The kit comes with software that creates a file. The next step is to send the file to our team for analysis and calibration.

    We will send back the tuned file so you can upload it to the remapper and your vehicle. We can provide remaps based on different driving conditions. If that is the case, you will receive different remap files for each situation.

    Mitsubishi Triton Power Upgrade Professionals

    Contact PPD Performance today so that we can help you with your Mitsubishi Triton ECU remapping needs.