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    4x4 Panel Filters

    For better engine protection and increased air flow, shop our range of high quality 4x4 panel filters at PPD Performance. 

    Our 4x4 panel filters have been made with cotton gauze, providing superior air flow. Increased air flow will allow your engine to perform at its maximum potential, as well as improve your fuel economy, keeping your vehicle going for longer.

    Aftermarket 4x4 panel filters are essential if you’re touring or off-roading and taking your vehicle into an environment with dust and other contaminants. 

    To guard your engine against dust, the first thing you should consider is installing quality air filters, such as 4x4 panel filters. 

    If you find that the factory filter in your vehicle has not been built with longevity in mind, simply upgrade to one of our 4x4 panel filters. 

    Quality Aftermarket 4x4 Panel Filters

    At PPD Performance, we have 4x4 panel filters made by K&N, which have been specifically engineered to let air in and keep the dirt out. 

    4x4 Panel Filters

    These 4x4 panel filters are constructed using 4 to 6 layers of oiled cotton media between two aluminium wire screens. The cotton gauze layers not only capture dirt but also guard your engine against contaminants. They are washable and reusable and are designed to last the lifespan of your vehicle. Not only that, they are so easy to install into your factory air box. 

    Our 4x4 panel filters provide more airflow than traditional paper air filters, resulting in an increase in horsepower and acceleration. 

    Get in touch with the team at PPD Performance today to find out which 4x4 panel filters will fit your vehicle. 

    4x4 Panel Filters & Other Products Perth

    At PPD Performance in Perth, we sell 4x4 panel filters and other filtration performance products such as oil filters, air filters and catch cans. 

    Invest in the long-term performance of your vehicle with our range of aftermarket products. Contact us today.