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    Roller Covers

    Keep the equipment in your vehicle safe and secure by installing lockable roller covers. 

    The tub of your ute is a great space to stow tools, equipment, camping gear and other valuable items. By leaving your tub open, you’re not only leaving your belongings vulnerable to weather and water damage, you’re also increasing the chances of them being stolen. 

    At PPD Performance, we sell retractable and electric roller covers designed to protect both your vehicle and your gear. 

    Roller Covers To Fit Your 4x4 Ute

    All of our roller covers are made from durable, powder-coated aluminium. Aluminium roller covers are lighter than fibreglass and steel roller covers, meaning your vehicle will have a better load-carrying capacity. 

    Our roller covers are also resistant to all types of weather and include a water drainage system. They’ve been designed to roll up easily into a canister beside the cabin, so you’ll still have full use of your tray space. Not only that, but they’re simple to install. 

    Our OzRoo retractable roller covers

    Our OzRoo retractable roller covers can be locked in place in both fully open and half open positions, allowing you to easily access all the items in your tray. 

    We also sell electric roller covers made by Rolltrac. These fully electric roller covers can be opened with a remote control that integrates with the central locking of your vehicle. They’re also equipped with internal LEDs to light up your tub for added visibility. 

    We have roller covers designed to suit a range of 4x4 vehicles including:

    • Ford Ranger
    • VW Amarok
    • Nissan Navara
    • Toyota Hilux
    • Holden Colorado
    • Mazda BT+50
    • Isuzu DMAX.

    Roller Covers & Other Equipment Perth

    At PPD Performance in Perth, we specialise in products that will enhance the performance and potential of your 4x4 vehicle. If you have any questions about our roller covers or other 4x4 accessories, contact us today.