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    4x4 Short Ram Intakes

    Aftermarket air intakes such as 4x4 short ram intakes can be used to replace your factory intake system. 

    While there are a few different types of aftermarket air intakes you can choose from, 4x4 short ram intakes are a popular option for 4x4 enthusiasts. 

    Short ram intakes have several advantages over cold air intakes. These include an improved throttle response, better kilometres per litre and more grunt due to the increased air flow. 

    4x4 short ram intakes are just like the name suggests: they are short, which means the air filter is closer to the engine. This means the air travels the shortest possible distance, creating the least amount of resistance for the air to get into the engine. With more air and less resistance, you will be able to create more power. 

    Aftermarket 4x4 short ram intakes are also more affordable and easier to service than cold air intakes. 

    4x4 Short Ram Intakes at PPD Performance

    At PPD Performance, our 4x4 short ram intakes are easy to install, usually taking less than 90 minutes. 

    4x4 Short Ram Intakes

    Our 4x4 short ram intakes consist of a free-flowing, durable polyethylene tube, designed to replace your factory piping. The restrictive stock air filter is replaced with an aftermarket open element air filter. This upgrade will result in higher performance than your standard system.

    Contact us today for more information about 4x4 short ram intakes and other aftermarket air intakes designed to suit your vehicle. 

    High Performance 4x4 Short Ram Intakes Perth

    At PPD Performance in Perth, we design and sell aftermarket products for your 4x4 vehicle. These products are specifically engineered to give your vehicle increased power and better performance. 

    To learn more about our range of performance products, such as 4x4 short ram intakes, get in touch with one of our experienced team members today.