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    4x4 Top Mount Intercoolers

    Keep your vehicle cool by installing one of PPD Performance’s high quality 4x4 top mount intercoolers.

    Intercoolers work by pushing compressed air through tubing that has fins connected to it. 4x4 top mount intercoolers sit on top of the engine and push cold air through the fins through the use of a scoop in the bonnet. These fins increase surface area, which helps with the cooling process. 

    The position of 4x4 top mount intercoolers means they’re well out of the way when you’re off-roading, keeping it safe from potential damage. 4x4 top mount intercoolers also require less piping than front mount intercoolers, meaning less weight and throttle lag. 

    At PPD Performance, our aftermarket 4x4 top mount intercoolers work by getting the hot air in your system to cool down before it hits your engine, ensuring you’ll have maximum power.

    Our Range of 4x4 Top Mount Intercoolers

    At PPD Performance, our 4x4 top mount intercoolers have been designed to unleash the full potential of your 4x4 vehicle. Our 4x4 intercoolers have been engineered and manufactured by Cross Country 4x4.

    Our 4x4 top mount intercoolers consist of custom fabricated piping made in South Australia. The kit includes a durable PWR tube and fin intercooler core, frame and mounting hardware, silicon hose and hose clamps, wiring loom and a bonnet scoop. 

    At PPD Performance, we have 4x4 front mount intercoolers designed to fit a range of makes and models of 4x4 vehicles including Nissan Patrol, Toyota Hilux and Toyota Landcruiser. Our 4x4 top mount intercooler kits are made to order.

    4x4 Top Mount Intercoolers Perth

    Our aftermarket products at PPD Performance in Perth have been specifically engineered to add value and performance to your 4x4 vehicle. 

    Contact us for more information about whether we can make4x4 top mount intercoolers to fit your vehicle.