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    Toyota Hilux ECU Remapping

    Toyota Hilux ECU remapping is an effective way of boosting the performance of your vehicle without spending a lot of money. It is a vital part of any Toyota Hilux power upgrade. It can increase power, torque, and throttle response.

    The Toyota Hilux ECU remapping process can increase the performance and driveability of your vehicle by up to 40 percent.

    Getting a Toyota Hilux Power Upgrade

    ECU remapping overrides the factory settings that limit the power of the engine. This form of Toyota Hilux power upgrade will make the settings more precise because it factors in your individual driving conditions, fuel availability, and altitude of where you use the vehicle. 

    Toyota Hilux ECU remapping also can improve your fuel efficiency leading to long-term savings. 

    How Toyota Hilux ECU Remapping Works

    The ECU remapping process begins with purchasing a remapper or remote tuner from PPD Performance. With your purchase we will provide software and instructions on how to connect the remapper to your Hilux. After the remapper is connected, you can download a file to be tuned.

    You then simply send the file back to our team of remapping technicians to analyse and modify the data using specialised software and equipment. We will then return the tuned file to you so can upload it to your Toyota Hilux, in a similar process to when you downloaded the original file.  

    At PPD Performance, we can personalise ECU remaps based on your specific requirements. We can even send more than one remap. That way, you can switch between remaps depending on the driving conditions. It is particularly useful when you use your 4WD on two very different types of terrain.

    For more information about our Toyota Hilux ECU remapping service and the range of aftermarket parts we have available for your 4x4, contact PPD Performance today!