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    Toyota Hilux Stainless Steel Exhausts

    Do you want to optimise the power and performance of your 4WD? Then you should consider installing one of our Toyota Hilux stainless steel exhausts. PPD Performance offers exhaust systems specifically designed for your Toyota Hilux.

    Our custom-engineered Toyota Hilux exhausts free up more power in the engine, allowing the engine to breathe better. 

    Our exhaust kits come with all the parts you need to boost your vehicle’s power. When you purchase one of our Toyota Hilux stainless steel exhausts or kits you will get everything you need to take your 4WD’s sound and performance to the next level. 

    Toyota Hilux Exhausts

    We use the mandrel bending method in manufacturing our Toyota Hilux stainless steel exhausts. This process ensures uniform pipe diameter throughout the length, ensuring even and smooth flow throughout the exhaust pipes.

    Toyota Hilux stainless steel exhausts

    To ensure the quality of our products, we use only the best materials. Our Toyota Hilux stainless steel exhausts feature high-grade stainless steel to prevent corrosion and protect against rust and exposure to seawater.

    Once you have turned on your engine, you’ll notice right away the deeper sounds your 4WD produces. The deep vibrato is an indicator of the performance boost obtained through your new exhaust.

    Our Toyota Hilux exhausts do much more than enhance performance and sound. They also look awesome. The polished finish will make your Toyota Hilux stand out from the crowd.

    Installing Toyota Hilux Exhausts

    We have made sure that you can easily install our Toyota Hilux stainless steel exhausts on your own. The installation process doesn’t require any special tools, ramps, hoists, or stands. There’s no need to drill because we designed the exhaust system based on the factory layout of your Hilux.

    If you need help with the installation, we have a network of professional installers throughout Australia who we can recommend. Contact us today to learn more about Toyota Hilux exhausts and other aftermarket performance parts.