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    Toyota Landcruiser ECU Remapping

    Toyota Landcruiser ECU remapping is the ultimate way to improve the performance of your vehicle. ECU remapping is key to any Toyota Landcruiser power upgrade ensuring your throttle responds better, power delivery is enhanced, and torque is improved.

    Toyota Landcruiser Power Upgrade

    ECU remapping overrides the default settings of the Toyota Landcruiser. It removes the limitations set by the manufacturer. The process makes the vehicle more precise by considering several factors, such as the altitude of the location you drive in, fuel quality, and where you usually use the vehicle.

    ECU remapping and fine-tuning will provide better torque and power output. It can also improve the mileage of the vehicle. Remapping can improve fuel economy, which results in savings in the long run. It also typically improves the driveability and performance of the Landcruiser by up to 40 percent.

    Toyota Landcruiser ECU Remapping

    The remapping process starts by purchasing one of our remappers. For the Toyota Landcruiser, we have remapping products for the 79 Series and the 200 Series.

    We will provide you with instructions on how to connect the remapper to your Landcruiser. Then you’ll use the provided software to download a file required for the remapping process.

    You then send the downloaded file to our team, and we will analyse the file using state-of-the-art technology to come up with the best settings. You can request more than one ECU remap if you are going to use your 4WD for different purposes. Once you get the remapped file, all you need to do is reconnect the remapper to the Landcruiser and upload the final file.

    Toyota Landcruiser ECU Remapping Experts

    For more information about Toyota Landcruiser ECU remapping products and other aftermarket performance parts, contact PPD Performance. Our team is happy to help with accessories and advice to assist with your Toyota Landcruiser power upgrade.