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    Toyota Prado ECU Remapping

    Toyota Prado ECU remapping is the ultimate way to improve the power and performance of your vehicle. It is an essential component of any Toyota Prado power upgrade.

    Remapping improves the power and torque of your engine. It also provides smoother power delivery and enhanced throttle response.

    Advantages of a Toyota Prado Power Upgrade

    The remapping process modifies the default settings of the Toyota Prado. The process tunes the vehicle according to how and where you use the vehicle. Some factors accounted for in the remapping process include available fuel quality, altitude you drive in, and road conditions.

    Toyota Prado ECU remapping can also improve fuel efficiency so you get better mileage from your vehicle. It can also enhance the performance and driveability of the vehicle by 40 percent. 

    Toyota Prado ECU Remapping

    The remapping process for the Toyota Prado begins when you buy a Remote Tune Remapper from PPD Performance. Our remappers are compatible with Prado models made from 2005 to 2015. The kit comes with easy to follow instructions on how to connect the remapper to the vehicle.

    With the included software, you can download a file from your Prado which will be used for the remapping process. You then send the file to PPD Performance, so it can be analysed using our proprietary software. Once tuned, we will send the file back to you so it can be uploaded to your 4WD.

    We personalise the ECU remap files based on your driving needs. We can create more than one remap so that you can change the setting based on the driving conditions. This is helpful when you’re using the Toyota Prado on different terrains.

    The Toyota Prado Power Upgrade Professionals

    For more information about Toyota Prado ECU remapping services and aftermarket performance parts for your vehicle, contact the 4WD experts today. We are more than happy to assist you with your needs.