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    4x4 Transmission Coolers

    4x4 transmission coolers protect your vehicle’s transmission from heat. The most common cause of transmission failure is due to overheating of fluid. We offer aftermarket transmission coolers to prevent that from happening. 

    Transmission overheating is often due to vehicles having unequipped engines for the conditions the vehicle is being used. When extra strain is placed on automatic transmissions additional transmission fluid is required to lubricate the moving parts. Since 4WD vehicle owners often push their vehicles to the limit – driving in rough terrains, hot conditions, or carrying and towing heavy loads – it’s important to ensure your vehicle is up to the task. 

    We recommend investing in a transmission cooler if you carry extra cargo or passengers, drive a lot in stop-and-go traffic, or regularly drive off-road or in extreme weather conditions. Our transmission coolers help protect against corrosion, keep the transmission cool, and support better energy transfer. 

    The transmission cooler works by making the fluid flow to the cooler. Air flowing over the cooler dissipates the heat and cools the fluid flowing through it. The cooled transmission fluid goes back to the transmission through the return line. It is a continuous process that is designed to lower the fluid temperature better than the stock radiator. 

    Advantages of 4x4 Transmission Coolers

    Here are some benefits of investing in one of our 4x4 transmission coolers:

    • Lowers Transmission Temps. Installing a cooler can drop the transmission temperature by up to 33 degrees. This in turn can improve the transmission’s lifespan.
    • Keeps Transmission Fluid Cooler. The transmission cooler can cool the fluid more efficiently, preventing the part from overheating. When the fluids are cooler, they last longer. 
    • Prevents Burnt Transmission Fluid. A 4WD transmission cooler prevents the transmission fluid from burning. Burnt fluid results in debris that can damage the transmission. 

    If you need more information about 4x4 transmission coolers, contact us today. We can help keep your vehicle stay cool on the road. We also have a range of other aftermarket parts for your 4WD.