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    4x4 Tuning Tools

    Do you want to improve the performance and fuel efficiency of your 4WD? You can do so by investing in 4x4 tuning tools.

    At PPD Performance we have tuning tools for various makes and models of vehicles, including the Toyota Hilux, Toyota Landcruiser, Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max, VW Amarok, and Isuzu MU-X, and more. Our ECU remappers and performance chips are designed to optimise the performance of your 4WD. 

    Most stock 4WDs will benefit from 4x4 tuning tools because they offer improved fuel efficiency, torque, and power. Additional power has a significant effect on your vehicle's off-road performance, especially in sand and mud. 

    Types of 4x4 Tuning Tools

    We offer two types of 4x4 tuning tools, which are:

    • ECU Remap. ECU remapping improves the performance of the vehicle by unlocking its full potential. Some benefits of ECU remapping include:
    • Improve power and torque – remapping the ECU gets rid of the limitations set by the manufacturer. We provide new settings that are suitable for your specific driving conditions and habits. 
    • Better fuel efficiency – The right ECU parameters are designed to make the engine burn less fuel. 
    • Boost performance – You should experience significant improvement in stopping, acceleration, and turning on various surfaces. 
    • Performance Chips. A performance chip allows the 4WD to produce more torque. Other benefits include:
    • Adds Power – Investing in a performance chip should make your 4x4 drive smoother and faster. 
    • Better mileage – Our performance chip is designed to increase the mileage of your vehicle. It changes the 4WD's fuel mixture. Also, it changes the air mixture in the engine. As a result, you should get better fuel efficiency. 

    At PPD Performance, we have 4x4 tuning tools made specifically for your vehicle. Aside from ECU remap and performance chips, we also offer DPF Delete Sensor Modules and other aftermarket parts. Contact us today to learn more about our products.