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    VW Amarok ECU Remapping

    VW Amarok ECU remapping is an effective way of improving the performance of your vehicle. It is key to any VW Amarok power upgrade. The ECU remapping process increases torque, offers better throttle response, and creates smoother power delivery.

    Getting a VW Amarok Power Upgrade

    VW Amarok ECU remapping gets rid of limitations set by the manufacturer. The process makes your vehicle’s performance settings more precise. It considers several factors, such as altitude you drive at, fuel quality on the market, and how and where you drive your vehicle.

    A VW Amarok power upgrade may typically include fine-tuning and ECU remapping. 

    VW Amarok ECU remapping can increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, giving you more value for your money because you’ll get better mileage from your ute. Also, the remapping process provides better control of the Amarok’s fuel usage. VW Amarok ECU remapping can improve the driveability and performance of the vehicle by up to 40 percent.

    VW Amarok ECU Remapping

    The VW Amarok ECU remapping process starts by buying one of our remappers that’s compatible with the model and make of the vehicle. We will send the instructions on how to connect the device to the Amarok. Then, you can download the data required for the process via the software included in the ECU remapping kit.

    You will then need to submit the downloaded file to us. Our technicians will analyse the data with the use of specialised software.

    We can personalise the ECU remaps based on your driving requirements. We can also provide you with more than one remap so that you can choose the one suitable for your driving activities. Once you get the remapped file back, the next step is to connect the remapper to the Amarok and upload the file.

    The VW Amarok Power Upgrade Experts

    For more information about our VW Amarok ECU remapping and other performance improvement solutions, contact PPD Performance today. We are ready to assist you with your VW Amarok power upgrade.