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    VW Amarok Side Steps

    While the VW Amarok is built to last, it’s not totally impervious to damage especially if you do a lot of off-roading. VW Amarok side steps and rock sliders can protect your vehicle without sacrificing its looks and performance.

    VW Amarok rock sliders and side steps protect panels from logs, debris, and rocks. The rock sliders can provide pivot points when confronted with obstacles. VW Amarok side steps and rock sliders can also make it easier to access the cabin of your vehicle. 

    VW Amarok Rock Sliders

    VW Amarok rock sliders enable you to ‘slide’ off obstacles. The undercarriage of your vehicle will be protected against damage from logs, rocks, and other debris. We stock VW Amarok side steps and rock sliders made of high tensile, reinforced steel. They are finished with a multistage powder-coating to make the VW Amarok side steps more durable.  

    These accessories are made using the latest mandrel bending and manufacturing techniques process to ensure uniform durability and strength.

    VW Amarok Rock Sliders and Side Steps

    We stock a large range of aftermarket rock sliders and side steps from leading brands known for quality and reliability.

    Expert Stockists of VW Amarok Side Steps & Rock Sliders 

    When you purchase a rock slider and side step kit from PPD Performance, you’ll get a complete fitting kit for easy installation. They also come with a two year warranty for peace of mind.

    Whether you tackle tough terrain for work or recreation, VW Amarok side steps and rock sliders are a great investment. They can help prevent unnecessary damage to your vehicle and save you from costly repairs.

    For more information about VW Amarok rock sliders and other aftermarket performance parts, contact us today. We are more than happy to answer any queries you have about performance accessories for your 4WD and advise on the best products for your VW Amarok.