Holden Colorado (2012-2016) 2" Body Lift Package (RG Colorado 2012 - 2016) - 2" Body Lift, Steering Shaft Extension Clamp, Gear Box Spacer

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Holden Colorado (2012-2016) 2" Body Lift Package (RG Colorado 2012 - 2016) - 2" Body Lift, Steering Shaft Extension Clamp, Gear Box Spacer available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.




What is this?

A Vehicle Body Lift kit, all blocks, nuts, bolts, washers etc needed are included in the kit.

The Munji Performance kit offers all the blocks to lift the cabin and tub as well as additional load blocks, which are not normally offered in other kits. These extra blocks are fitted under the tub. 

The blocks in our kits are also much larger in diameter than others on the market at the moment to provide better support and are the same diameter as the standard mounts.

Our Body Lift Kits meet all compliance requirements for a modification plate. However, please note that body lifts are not legal in ALL Australian States and you will need to make enquiries to ensure a body lift is

What are the benefits?

By lifting the body you have extra room to gain access for servicing, more tyre clearance, greater approach and departure angle clearances (whilst four wheel driving), looks f#$king cool.


What is this?

A direct replacement steering shaft extension clamp to solve the steering issues caused by installing a body lift.

What are the benefits?

When a body lift if installed, the steering shaft needs to be extended. This is because the lift causes the steering shaft to open to an unsafe point. This can result in breakage of the link between the two steering shafts, resulting in the loss of steering.

The Munji Steering Shaft Extension Clamp has been based on the original, factory clamp, and simply extended to close the gap.

Other modifications currently available on the market are a bolt on extension, whereas this is a full replacement of the original clamp.

Very simple to install, all that is involved is the removal of the original clamp and replacement with the extended version. A 10 minute install, including enough time to finish with a drink.

The clamp is made from Steel. The part is also Zinc coated to help protect against corrosion. The factory original clamp is also made from Steel.


What is this?

Gear Box Spacer

What are the benefits?

Following a 2” body lift, on a manual vehicle, the gear stick will bind in 2nd, 4th and reverse gear, causing it to pop out of gear. This gear box spacer raises the entire gear box 15mm, which is enough to clear all gears and prevent it from popping out of gear. This also lifts the transfer case up, to prevent it from being the lowest part of the vehicle. 



  • RG Colorado - 2012 to 2017 (not dpf series 2 model)


Tools required – small socket set / pry bar / WD40 / rags

Installation Time - Approximately Two (2) hours

Difficulty –Detailed installation guide provided, basic tool knowledge required


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