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    Black Duck Black Canvas Seat Covers D/Cab VDJ79 Landcruiser (2016+) Front Seat Covers - LC172DC- SALE

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    Black Duck Black Canvas Seat Covers D/Cab VDJ79 Landcruiser (2016+) Front Seat Covers - LC172DC- SALE available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

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    Black Duck Black Canvas Seat Covers D/Cab VDJ79 Landcruiser (2016+) Front  - LC172DC



    This product is specifically a set of Front Seat Black Duck® SeatCovers for Toyota Landcruiser Dual Cab VDJ79 Series, LC172DC in Black Canvas.
    If you are looking for any colour variation or material please jump over to this product by CLICKING HERE


    Black Duck® SeatCovers, proudly sold by PPD Performance deliver peace of mind, protecting your seats from everything life and the great outdoors can throw at it. Whether it’s your messy kids, or the great outdoors, these fantastic seat covers deliver great fit, fantastic protection and a great look.


    Black Duck® SeatCovers' tried and tested ultra heavy-duty seat cover!

    Heavy-duty Canvas by Black Duck® SeatCovers has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it meets stringent Australian Standards for strength and endurance.

    Black Duck® SeatCovers' Canvas is treated using advanced technologies to ensure resistance to water, rot and mildew - for vehicles that work and play hard!


    • Hard wearing, water resistant, tear resistant and heavy duty protection
    • 14.9oz Military Grade Canvas for true Heavy-Duty Protection
    • 24+ Hour Water Resistance
    • Rot and Mildew Resistant
    • UV Resistant
    • Tailored fit ensures superior seat protection, comfort, aesthetics and style!Air-bag Compatible
    • Available in our standard colours Grey, Black and Brown and for our non-standard colours, please see below. Non-standard colours incur an additional fee
    • Safety assured – tested and certified airbag compatible range availableAdd personality to your vehicle with a huge range of colours


    Proudly Australian Made

    Our heavy-duty canvas seat covers are made in Australia using Australian made materials developed specifically for the harsh Australian climate.

    With manufacturing facilities in WA and over 1,900 resellers across Australia, your perfect seat cover is never far away!


    Generally these are made to order with a 6-8 week lead time currently.
    If in stock they will dispatch immediately


    These seat covers fit ONLY the following model, if you have a different model please see our other listings or contact us for support.

    Make: Toyota
    Model: Landcruiser
    Year: 2016-2022
    SKU: Front Set: Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series Dual Cab 2016+, VDJ79. Current Model 09/2016+: LC172DC 


    Shipping times & Stock Availability

    Please Note: We keep many of these in stock, but are unable to keep all.

    Generally these are made to order with a 6-8 week lead time currently.
    If in stock they will dispatch immediately

    Care and Cleaning
    • Vacuum to remove any dust or dirt
    • Wipe with a cold, damp cloth
    • If heavily soiled, remove covers from seats and use a low-pressure hose with cold water. Lie flat to dry
    • Ensure the seat covers are fully dry before placing on vehicle seats


    DO NOT machine wash


    DO NOT dry clean


    DO NOT tumble dry


    DO NOT use detergent


    DO NOT iron


    Fitting Instructions

    Our seat covers go through a rigorous design process to ensure they not only offer a tailored fit to your specific seat design, but they are also designed to be as simple as possible to fit.


    To start

    We recommend unpacking each seat separately to avoid mixing up the driver, passenger and rear seat parts. Remove the covers from the packaging and lay them out to check that you have all the correct parts.

    You should have:

    • Seat base
    • Backrest (sometimes base and back are attached)
    • Headrest
    • Armrest (if applicable)
    • Each piece is identified on the inside with a white label. On the Driver and Passenger seat label, there will be a ‘DR’ to indicate Driver and a ‘PA’ to indicate Passenger. If you have seat fitted air-bags, the teal AIRBAG label will go on the outside/window side of the seat
    • Vacuum your original seats and remove anything from the seat pockets.


    Fitting the seat base:

    1. Slide the cover over the seat base, ensuring it is clear from any levers and buttons, line up the seams of the cover to the seams of the seat and massage into place
    2. Once the cover is in line with the seams of the seat, push the centre flap through the seat base until you can see it pop out the back of your seat. (In some models you may need to detach the carpet on the back of your seat to allow access)
    3. Pull the side flaps around and attach to the centre flap. Check to make sure none of the seat's levers and buttons is obstructed
    4. If included in the seat cover design, pull straps under the seat, clearing all tracks and fittings. Pull tight and fasten to the opposite side – test movement of seat to ensure nothing is obstructed
    5. Seat base fitting complete


    Fitting the backrest:

    1. Remove headrest (if applicable)
    2. Slide cover over the top (like a jumper), make sure the back of the cover does not catch in the pocket on the back
    3. Line up the seams of the cover to the seams of the seat and massage into place
    4. Push the flap through the base of the seat, just like you did with the base
    5. Pull through tight and attach to the back of the seat
    6. Slide the headrest cover over the headrest with the label on the front and secure the flaps. This is designed to be a tight fit so make sure you have the seams lined up
    7. Replace the headrest.
    8. Backrest fitting complete


    Repeat this process for the passenger seat and rear seats.

    Once you have had your covers for a couple of weeks, we advise that you re-tension them as they will mould to the shape of your seat over time. This will leave you with the best fit possible.



    Only Black Duck SeatCovers that are labelled as being air-bag compatible are to be fitted to vehicles with seat fitted air-bags. Black Duck SeatCovers must not be fitted to seats containing side-impact airbag components unless they are the correct seat covers with the appropriate certification. Black Duck SeatCovers accepts no responsibility or liability if this warning is not adhered to.

    Industries and Applications

    Our heavy-duty canvas seat covers are developed specifically for applications that require a hard-wearing and durable product.

    Black Duck SeatCovers has been a staple in vehicle fleets for over 35 years across a number of industries such as;

    • Mining and Resources
    • Construction and Trades
    • Transport
    • Public Services
    • Agriculture
    • Recreational and 4WD

    Our canvas' tensile strength and tear resistance are tested across both directions of the material. This means that the material your Black Duck canvas seat covers are manufactured from is a high-quality, Australian made material with proven durability and stress metrics.

    To achieve its water resistance, Black Duck heavy-duty canvas utilises a proofing treatment method where the material is immersed into a proprietary waterproofing solution which is squeezed into the fibres. This ensures that the material is both water-resistant and breathable as the surface is not simply sealed by the coating material. The material is allowed to breathe, making it not only comfortable throughout the Australian climate, but also resistant to rot and mildew.

    We currently have patterns to suit a wide range of vehicles and all patterns are tailored to fit each specific seat design. This ensures all safety features and functionality of the seat is retained, including armrests, cup holders, levers and adjusters. The tailored fit, specific to each vehicles' seat design, also ensures that minimal dust and dirt reaches the original seat. Your seats are one of the first areas of your vehicle that starts showing signs of wear and tear, so keeping these protected can have a positive impact on your vehicle's resale value when it comes time to trade it in.

    Air-Bag Compatible

    The Black Duck range of air-bag compatible seat covers is dynamically tested and certified to ensure Vehicle Standard Australian Design Rule 72/00 (Dynamic Side Impact Occupant Protection 2005) is not adversely affected.

    We use advanced manufacturing techniques which allow the required air-bag release in the event of an accident, without compromising the safety of the occupants of the vehicle.

    Returns & Exchanges

    Please select your covers carefully, if you require any assistance please talk to our team prior to purchasing.

    Please note any orders for non-standard colours (Anything other than Black or Grey) is part of the 'non-standard colour range'.
    Please note that Black Duck® 'non-standard colour range' is non-returnable and non-exchangable except in the case of a manufacturing defect.