Toyota Hilux (2015-2023) CalOffroad Front Strut 0 - 3 INCH Lift Height Adjustable

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Toyota Hilux (2015-2023) CalOffroad Front Strut 0 - 3 INCH Lift Height Adjustable available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

Toyota Hilux (2015-2023) CalOffroad Front Strut 0 - 3 INCH Lift Height Adjustable

Toyota Hilux - CalOffroad Platinum Series Bilstein Silver Long Travel Monotube 0" to 3" Lift Front Strut - Height Adjustable

CalOffroad has strong roots with the Toyota Hilux that began in the early 80s.Spending time in the USA with industry leaders building the latest in vehicle design and offroad suspension technology. Testing offroad designs in Moab Utah and Colorado. CalOffroad has a family history of covering most of Australias remote and outback destinations. We have our own offroad testing facsility that we use to refine and develope products. This combined experience allows us to create the most advanced 4wheel drive suspension components available in Australia and anywhere in the world.

With the over 30 years of 4x4 and suspension developement with Toyota Hilux this has helped us bring the most advanced technology into our suspension range.

CalOffroad has developed the Platinum Bilstein Hilux Series creating the most advanced and Smoothest Bilstein coilover for the 3" Hilux. This has been the delelopement efforts of over 14 months of R&D with the head Bilstein and tested with the TRD engineers allowing us to bring you the most advanced Bilstein coilover on the market for Toyota Hilux.

The original 1st developement was released in 2005 with the release of the Hilux IFS platform, we have refind these shocks and struts to over the years and platform changes to bring you the world leading shocks they are today.

The CalOffroad Platinum Series Bilstein struts and shocks are not a rebranded Bilstein from some other model car. these are purpose built from Bilstein Germany to meet the stringent quality requirements for CalOffroad to make your Hilux look and ride the way you want and to be the most reliable for on and offroad.

Using our over 30 years of Hilux experience allows us to bring you the best components creating the CalOffroad Smoothest Ride on Earth

The CalOffroad Platinum Series Bilstein struts feature 1 lowering groove and multiple raising grooves allowing you to adjust the front of the car to sit where you want it. CalOffroad Platinum Series Bilstein struts and shocks feature the proprietry valving and IFP (internal floating piston technology, this IFP seperates the high pressure nitrogen gas from the oil eliminating shock fade and oil foaming

these are not the cheaper USA versions they are the high end fully rebuildiable IFP technology shocks made in Germany

CalOffroad Platinum Series Bilstein struts and shocks are Designed in Australia Made in the High end Bilstein Germany factory.

The vehicle specific upper mounts include fully machined ring eyes for more accurate fitment and a high end low maintenance bush system that isolates road noise and vibration. Our strut bushes are maintenance free and can handle water, dust , dirt , snow, mud andything that you can throw at them and never need greasing

For the most advance Bilstein shock for your Toyota Hilux look no further

CalOffroad recomend using the CalOffroad Platinum Bilstein coils to match pair your ride

CalOffroad Platinum Coils are designed and made in Australia

All CalOffroad Platinum Coilovers are assembled in Australia.

The CalOffroad Platinum coils run our latest coil spring design using our tapered wire technology, this allows for extremely smooth small bump compliance right up to big hits.

Our CalOffroad Platinum Series wire technology allows us to tune a rebound rate into the coil, this helps assist the shock for a less aggresive rebound and means less shock fade in extreme conditions. On first developement we dyno test all our shocks and coilovers to make sure the coil rate is tuned to match the shock valving.

Terms Of Sale

CalOffroad offer custom built suspension solutions, with unique adjustability and performance.

These kits are assembled to order to suit your accessory and weight requirements, with an average lead time that can vary between 1-3 weeks.

If you need a specific eta, please contact us before ordering and we will be sure to assist you.