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    Ford Everest (2012-2022) MSA Mirrors

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    Ford Everest (2012-2022) MSA Mirrors available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

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    Ford Everest (2012-2022) MSA Mirrors

    MSA 4X4’s patented, SEMA award-winning Towing Mirrors feature a large single mirror that pivots on a heavy-duty extension slide. Allowing the mirror to extend out when towing and return to a normal driving position, when not towing.


    Government guidelines state that the driver is required to see 20m past the widest point of the towed vehicle. MSA 4X4 has created a range of Towing Mirrors that meet this guideline and are specifically designed for Australian towing vehicles.

    • Four different mirror positions
    • Large, single mirror lens
    • Adjustable viewing angles
    • Vertical and horizontal adjustment
    • Unique pivot design
    • Fold inwards or outwards
    • ADR Compliant
    • Injection moulded and die-cast aluminium components


    MSA 4×4 has put a lot of time and research into creating the perfect Towing Mirrors for your vehicle. These mirrors give optimum visibility by offering a full vision of the road and traffic behind the vehicle.

    They can be adjusted to what best suits you as it comes in four different positions allowing for any situation. The MSA 4×4 Towing Mirrors have a slightly curved feature on the glass for enhanced vision. 

    They also feature a large single mirror that pivots on an exceptionally sturdy extension assisting in more vision and less vibration. These mirrors are suitable for everyday driving as well as towing. All you must do is slide the mirror back into its first ‘non-towing’ position.

    Position 1 - Day to Day

    Setup to fit into garages and tight parking spaces.

    Position 2 - Extended

    Perfect for towing camper trailers, boats, horse floats and smaller vans.

    Position 3 - Flipped

    Perfect for tray backs and wider service bodies.



    Position 4 - Flipped & Extended

    Perfect for towing the largest van, load or toy!


    These market-leading Towing Mirrors are ADR compliant, as safety is highly regarded at MSA 4×4 and ensures customers feel protected while using MSA 4×4 products. Another great aspect of this product is it comes with a five-year warranty; these Towing Mirrors are built for Australian vehicles and can survive the harsh environments the outback has to offer. In 2020 MSA 4×4’s Towing Mirrors won the SEMA Global Media Award, an award program that took place in Las Vegas.

    MSA 4×4 strives to provide the best quality product and constantly looks into different opportunities to refine and improve all products. Ensuring that all products are kept up to date with all safety requirements is a top priority for MSA 4×4.


    Bolt the mirrors on, a quick adjustment on your mirror controls, done!
    The MSA actuator adjusts automatically, taking all the pain out of the installation.

    If this wasn't easy enough all MSA mirrors come with detailed installation instructions and of course our tech support line to help should you need!

    What Options Do I Choose or Need???

    When choosing mirror options the general idea is to match up to what your car currently has, so before starting, go look at your current mirror and see what features it has.

    Whilst you can add features, these will require custom wiring to work.
    In some states you cannot remove features legally, such as indicators so it is always best to match them up.



    Do your current mirrors have indcators built into the mirror? If so, you need them! 



    Can you move your mirror angle from inside the car? (up/down/sideways)
    If yes, you need to select the Electric option.


    Heated Mirrors

    In the cold weather do your mirrors heat up to stop condensation?
    Have you never noticed frost on your mirrors in the early mornings?

    Then you have heated mirrors!


    Blind Spot Monitoring

    Does your mirror have a light that indicates a car is next to you?
    A little red or yellow symbol perhaps.


    Power Fold

    Can you fold your mirror into your car?
    Does your car fold them away when off?

    Then you need power fold!


    Fitting Instructions

    Features & Specifications


    Please note, these items are made to order as a general rule they are on a week lead time.

    Please contact our sales team on 1300 00 8368 or sales@ppdperformance.com.au within 24hrs of the order being placed if you require these sooner.