Isuzu D-Max (2016-2020) 3L DPF-Delete Upgrade Package - Stage 1

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Isuzu D-Max (2016-2020) 3L DPF-Delete Upgrade Package - Stage 1 available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

Ready to unleash the power potential of the the 4JJ1 engine? 

The best bang for buck on the 2016+ DMAX is a DPF-delete exhaust & tune, so PPD has packaged these items together at an affordable price to get you the best gains for the best price!

PPD Performance Stage 1 Performance Upgrade Package

Package includes the following: 

  • PPD Stainless 3" DPF Delete Pipe or Turbo-back Exhaust (inc DPF Delete) 
    • Select from either the included DPF delete pipe ($399) or the complete turbo back option (full exhaust, $799). 
    • Hot-dog Resonator (no charge option)
  • PPD Remapper Unit
    • Custom tune based off our dyno experience, optimised for towing, economy or power. 
    • EGR Functionality Disabled (if requested, for off road use only). 
    • DPF Functionality Disabled (if requested, for off road use only).

Dyno Results:


  • 154hp at the wheels
  • 377Nm at the wheels


  • 198hp at the wheels (+28%)
  • 449Nm at the wheels (+19%)

We've used our experience in modifying 100+ DMAX's to develop tunes that suit each users application. Once the remapper unit is received you will be able to provide us with the ECU file from your car and request what type of tune you want. 

These kits provide everything needed for the DIY enthusiast. Simply bolt on the exhaust and follow the instructions provided to load our tune (remap) into your car!

You will be able to advise us of your desired tuning requirements after receiving the remapper device. 


PLEASE NOTE: The PPD Performance Remapper is locked to a single car, it cannot be used on multiple cars.