Nissan Patrol GQ TD42 CROSS COUNTRY 4x4 EXTREME Top-Mount Intercooler Kit

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Nissan Patrol GQ TD42 CROSS COUNTRY 4x4 EXTREME Top-Mount Intercooler Kit available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

CROSS COUNTRY 4x4 Nissan Patrol GQ TD42 EXTREME Top-Mount Intercooler Kit

Cross Country 4x4 engineer and manufacture the BEST high-performance intercooler kits for the most popular models of 4x4. 

Cross Country 4x4 use only the best intercooler cores on the market, manufactured by PWR!

Combined with custom fabricated piping made in South Australia, these intercooler kits provide unrivaled quality and performance, ensuring your car is more reliable and more efficient than ever!

Reduce intake temperatures when towing or off-roading to help drop EGT's and improve fuel efficiency along with torque and power! 

Core Size - 600mm x 325mm x 81mm PWR Race Series - NOTE DUE TO THE SIZE OF THIS CORE IT WILL ONLY WORK WITH LOW-MOUNT TURBO KITS. For high-mount kits, use the Ultimate kit instead. 

Kits are manufactured to order, with typical build times of around 2-3 weeks. 

The Cross Country Intercooler Extreme Top Mount system using a 600x325x81mm core is the ideal setup for those clients who are chasing over 190 RWK and 30 + pounds of boost. This cooler is paired with our 3 inch front facing Plenum, to help improve air flow through to all cylinders.

This cooler also comes with Twin Fan 11 inch fan for a massive inflow to help with cooling. The Extreme is fabricated with a 3" outlet and 2 1/2" inlet. Whether you are into hard-core 4x4, towing a van or just after some extra power and fuel economy, this cooler is for you.

Seeing the need for a high flow, ultra efficient intercooler system with exceptional heat exchanging properties and without sacrificing radiator cooling or ground clearance issues (as with many front mounts).

The design of our Fan Forced top mounted intercoolers means they do not suffer heat soak and have been put through rigorous testing on the dyno and in our harsh environment to ensure unrivalled thermal efficiency at low vehicle speeds. Our top mounted systems have been proven to outperform cheap front mounted systems with peak torque coming on around 500rpm sooner and holding on much longer. This is a must for any diesel when you only have around 4000rpm to play with!

NOTE: Kit includes a replacement manifold required for the installation of the extreme intercooler kit. As such, the factory manifold must be sent back to CC4x4 after installation. A $350 core deposit is payable on this kit, which will be refunded on return of the factory manifold.