Nissan Patrol - Y62 140Lt STEEL Brown Davis AUXILIARY Fuel Tank - NPY62A1

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The tank takes the place of the spare wheel, and as such is a direct bolt in solution for increasing fuel capacity.

Key Features of a Brown Davis Auxiliary Fuel Tank

  • Tapered approach angle to reduce frontal impact and improve ramp over clearance
  • Longitudinal and lateral baffling system to prevent fuel slosh and to strengthen tank structure
  • Gusseted brackets with double thickness pads to spread tank mounting loads
  • Fuel pump sender flange designed to re-use the vehicle’s original equipment
  • Swirl pot designed to carrel fuel around the pick-up point
  • Roll over check valve and expansion box for fuel expansion and venting
  • Fast fill breather for rapid filling and to reduce bowser shut off
  • Filler tube, connects to vehicles original filling point
  • Cushion clamps to retain fuel lines to prevent damage and kinking
  • Magnetic drain plug, horizontal and flush mounted to prevent damage