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    Looking for an unbeatable bang-for-buck performance increase in your turbo diesel ute or car?

    The PPD Remapper is the most convenient tuning solution in Australia!

    Use the remapper to load a tune provided and tested by PPD Performance into your car from the convenience of your own home! No dyno or workshop required, only a PC with internet connection!

    As a rough guide, we typically see gains in the region of 20% additional power, and 30% additional torque!

    Results vary by make & model.

    The PPD Performance Remapper is compatible with a huge range of cars, including:

    • Ford Everest 3.2L TD (2015 - 2019)
    • Ford Ranger 3.0L TD (2007 - 2011)
    • Ford Ranger 2.2L TD (2012 - 2018)
    • Ford Ranger 3.2L TD (2012 - 2021)
    • Holden Colorado 2.8L TD (2016 - 2020)
    • Isuzu D-Max 3.0L TD (2008 - 2012)
    • Isuzu D-Max 3.0L TD (2012 - 2021)
    • Isuzu MU-X 3.0L TD (2012 - 2020)
    • Land Rover Range Rover Evoke 2.2L TD (2011 - 2015)
    • Land Rover Range Rover Sport 3L TD (2017 - 2019)
    • Mazda BT-50 3.0L TD (2007 - 2011)
    • Mazda BT-50 3.2L TD (2012 - 2020)
    • Mitsubishi Triton ML 3.2L TD (2006 - 2009)
    • Mitsubishi Triton MN 2.5L TD (2009 - 2015)
    • Mitsubishi Triton MQ / MR 2.4L TD (2015 - 2021)
    • Toyota Hiace 2.8L TD (2018 - 2022)
    • Toyota Hilux 3.0L TD (2005 - 2015)
    • Toyota Hilux 2.8L TD (2015 - 2022)
    • Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series 4.5L TD (2005 - 2022)
    • Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series 4.5L TD (2008 - 2023)
    • Toyota Landcruiser Prado 3.0L TD (2005 - 2015)
    • Toyota Landcruiser Prado 2.8L TD (2015 - 2022)
    • Volkswagen Amarok 2.0L TD (2011 - 2022)
    • Volkswagen Amarok 3.0L V6 TD (2016 - 2022)
    • and more.....

    If you don't see your car listed here, send us a message and check if the car is compatible!

    NOTE: At this stage the remapper is not compatible with any NISSAN models or any models prior to 2005.

    Transform the performance of your car today, improve the power and torque of your turbo diesel across a broad RPM range, while optimising your fuel economy.

    The PPD Performance ECU Remapper is your complete engine ECU re-calibration and optimisation solution, distributed Australia wide, direct to your door. Now there €™s no need to disconnect and post your ECU, or spend thousands on a custom chip solution that deliver inferior results.

    Each tune is configured to Australian conditions, your requirements and any vehicle modifications such as EGR removal or DPF delete.

    Our re-mappers are shipped to your door, and will optimise your ECU configuration by adjusting various parameters within the map such as fuel pressure, boost pressure, injector timing and throttle pedal control a to release the true performance from the engine, resulting in a truly transformational driving experience without sacrificing reliability.

    Our remap process is complete in three simple steps:

    1. Connect the PPD Performance Remapper to the vehicles diagnostic socket and follow the on-screen instructions to read the original file
    2. Email the standard file to PPD Performance. We then utilise specialist software, systems and industry proven ECU remapping experts to optimise the performance of your vehicle without needing a chip upgrade.
    3. You will receive the tuned file into your email, which you can then use the Remapper software to upload to your Remapper, reconnect to the diagnostic socket and follow the on-screen instructions to write your tuned file.

    The touch screen unit provides an intuitive step-by-step process to help you easily and confidently complete the remapping process, with full Australian based support on hand if required.

    PPD Performance ECU Remapper, Australia's most innovative and convenient ECU optimisaton option.