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PSICO FORD RANGER PJ/PK + BT-50 FRONT MOUNT INTERCOOLER available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

The PSICO FORD RANGER PJ/PK Front Mount Intercooler features a high-quality, Australian-made tube and fin intercooler designed to perfect fit the BT50/Ranger engine. Its unique mounting system allows it to fit directly behind the grill on all models from 2006-2011 without compromising room for a winch. Its 500x300 size ensures efficient heat transfer while providing accurate boost response. Upgrade your vehicle now with PSICO® for maximum performance.

Will Your Intercooler Kit fit with a Winch?

Yes, PSICO Performance intercooler kits are designed with the serious off-roader in mind so all of our intercooler kits are designed to fit with common winch setups and winch compatible bull bars.

PSICO Performance intercooler kits will fit behind the grill on your vehicle with the minimum of fuss.

Will my vehicle need tuning after fitting one of your products?

No, tuning is not a necessity when upgrading the intake of your vehicle however, tuning can unleash additional power. When installing performance intake upgrades the vehicle has a greater potential for higher air density going into the motor.

The higher density air will increase the potential for power to be increased safely while maintaining safe combustion temperatures. 
Without tuning the benefits of an intake system will be better efficiency, lower EGT Temperatures, improved economy, reduced heat soak power loss. 
With the benefits of tuning Power can be increased while still maintaining safe engine parameters .

Whats included in a kit?

All PSICO Performance kits come complete with instructions, templates, and all quality components required to install the component. You just supply the time and tools.

NOTE:Compatible With Bull Bar Only. Standard Bumper Bar Brackets Require Modification For Clearance To Fit.

shipping from time of order they take 2-3 weeks before dispatch