Toyota Hilux (2005-2015) Rhino-Rack Backbone & Pioneer Platform Tray Tradie Rack

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Toyota Hilux (2005-2015) Rhino-Rack Backbone & Pioneer Platform Tray Tradie Rack available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.


Rhino-Rack Backbone, the name all other roof racks compare to, the ultimate in form, function and design.
When paired with a Pioneer Platform, Pioneer Tray or Pioneer Tradie they make for serious carrying capacity designed to fit your needs.

Specifically designed to suit your Toyota Hilux the Backbone is a mounting system to connect your vehicles roof via 2 bases to a rack of your choice.

Stylish, Aerodynamic, Strong 

The Rhino-Rack Backbone is designed to provide the maximum load carrying capacity for your vehicle while enhancing its aesthetics.

It’s bold, solid construction makes for a striking appearance that is guaranteed to turn heads; and give you complete confidence that this system will go with you and your vehicle anywhere, and take on any challenge you throw at it.

With up to 8 contact points the backbone system distributes the load over the vehicle.
Additionally, the Rhino-Rack Backbone enables you to carry up to 331lbs/150kg on some vehicles.

• Stylish and aerodynamically designed to minimise wind drag and noise on the road.

• Made from non-corrosive Stainless Steel.
• Made from strong and durable materials and allows you maximum carrying capacity.
• Compatible with Rhino-Rack Pioneer range.

Vehicle Specific

Design and fitment is important. That's why Rhino Rack make vehicle specific Back-Bone's to suit the vehicle. These then form to the car, follow the cars natural lines and look like they should - perfect. 

Tested and proven. The Rhino-Rack Backbone has been tested to International Standards ISO PAS 11154-2006 Road Roof Load Carriers and Australian Standards AS1235-2000 Road Vehicle Roof Bar Testing.

This is a product you can depend on from a company that you know and trust.
With more than 22 years in the industry, Rhino-Rack has been TRIED, TESTED and OFF ROAD PROVEN.

Our name, like our products, is synonymous with strength and the survival of the fittest.


Pioneer Platform

Low garage? Worried about clearance? Want to avoid Wind Resistance?

Explore Pioneer Platform by Rhino-Rack - A stylishly low-profile design and the most versatile and modular full rack on the market .

• Stylish Low-Profile Design
• Integrated wiring capabilities within all extrusions
• Corners can be drilled/cut out to provide access to wiring
• Made from aluminium and fiberglass re-enforced nylon corners
• Black powder coated for increased corrosion resistance
• Faster installation with Integrated measuring strip
• Additional accessory channels on front and rear extrusions
• 5 year warranty

Pioneer Tray 

Need maximum carrying capacity? Sick of tie downs?

Fit your car with Pioneer Tray, a sturdy roof rack tray with enough versatility to accommodate all types of road trips from off-road exploration or family trips.

• Aluminum alloy
• Welded rails
• Alloy front wind fairing
• Tried and proven flexible glass re-enforced nylon components
• Black powder coated for increased corrosion resistance
• Full range of Rhino-Rack accessories
• 5 year warranty

Pioneer Tradie

Do you need the side support but not the wind resistance?

Then checkout the Pioneer Tradie range! Available in a variety sizes and dimensions, Pioneer Tradie roof racks are made from strong and durable material. Ready for you to tackle the site or the next adventure.

• Open front and rear
• Aluminum alloy
• Welded side rails
• Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions
• Full range of Rhino-Rack accessories
• 5 year warranty
Backbone Specifications
Backbone SKU: RTHB1
Backbone Length:
1,258 mm
Backbone Weight:
5.0 kg
Pioneer Platform Specifications
Platform SKU: JB1720
Platform Dimensions: Height 47 mm / Length 1,528 mm / Width 1,236 mm
Added Height: 76 mm*
Pioneer Tray Specifications
Tray SKU: JC-00305
Tray Dimensions:
Height 135 mm / Length 1,528 mm / Width 1,236 mm
Pioneer Tradie Specifications
Tradie SKU: JC-00304
Tradie Dimensions:
Height 135 mm / Length 1,528 mm / Width 1,236 mm
Warranty: 5 Years

*Added height:





Backbone fitting instructions LINK HERE.

Pioneer Platform fitting instructions LINK HERE.

Pioneer Tray fitting instructions LINK HERE.

Pioneer Tradie fitting instructions LINK HERE.