Toyota Hilux (2005-2023) KUN N70/GUN N80 Caloffroad Platinum Bilstein rear shocks

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Toyota Hilux (2005-2023) KUN N70/GUN N80 Caloffroad Platinum Bilstein rear shocks available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

Toyota Hilux (2005-23) KUN GUN Caloffroad  Platinum Bilstein rear shocks

CalOffroad Platinum Bilstein rear shocks 660mm open SKU: 24-301282.

sold as a pair


IFP Technology (internal floating piston) for greater performance and less shock fade in extreme conditions 

Machine ring eyes for precise fit and added strength

Fully rebuildable

Integrated external bump stops

CalOffroad has strong roots with the offroad market that began in the early 80s. Spending time in the USA with industry leaders building the latest in vehicle design and offroad suspension technology. Testing offroad designs in Moab Utah. CalOffroad has a family history of covering most of Australias remote and outback destinations. We have our own offroad testing facility that we use to refine and develop products. This combined experience allows us to create the most advanced 4wheel drive suspension components available in Australia and anywhere in the world. With the over 30 years of 4x4 and suspension development this has helped us bring the most advanced technology into our suspension range.

CalOffroad has developed the Platinum Series Bilstein front and rear shocks creating the most advanced and Smoothest riding shocks. This has been the development efforts of over 15 months of R&D with the head Bilstein engineers and allowing us to bring you the most advanced Bilstein shocks on the planet.

The CalOffroad Platinum Series Bilstein front and rear shocks are not a rebranded Bilstein from some other model car. these are purpose built from Bilstein Germany to meet the stringent quality requirements for CalOffroad to make your truck look and ride the way you want and to be the most reliable for on and offroad.

Using our over 30 years of experience allows us to bring you the best components creating the CalOffroad Smoothest Ride on Earth 

 CalOffroad Platinum Series Bilstein front and rear shocks feature the proprietary valving and IFP (internal floating piston technology, this IFP seperates the high pressure nitrogen gas from the oil eliminating shock fade and oil foaming. Other features like rotating crush tube on top studs help to eliminate bush failure in tough terrain and integrated external bump stops alloy for the most reliable set up on our outback extreme terrain.

CalOffroad Platinum Series Bilstein struts and shocks are Designed in Australia and Made in the High end Bilstein Germany factory