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    Toyota Hilux (2015-2024) Rogue/Rugged/Rugged-X HSP Roll-R-Cover Series 3

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    Toyota Hilux (2015-2024) Rogue/Rugged/Rugged-X HSP Roll-R-Cover Series 3 available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

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    HSP rollercover specifically designed to suit your Toyota Hilux

    HSP did the impossible. They created the worlds most advanced retractable cover, packed with patented features, made it look incredible, made it work with your factory sports bar, your factory remote, even your mobile phone and even priced it lower than less feature-packed imported units


    Whether you’re a weekend warrior, the ultimate handyman or just a ute lover we made sure that our roll r cover works for you. With the ability to retain your sports bars, ladder racks or cross bars the HSP electric roller cover truly allows you to customise your tub.

    Sports Bar Compatible Roll Top

    Tired of sticking out? Not only can the HSP electric roller cover retain your factory bars, but our side rails also have pre-mapped insertion points so there is no additional height added.

    Ladder Rack Compatible Roll Top

    The sky is the limit (Not our Roll R Cover). If you have a big load, our Load Rack ladder rack system mounted to our Roll R Cover is perfect for you (Coming soon)

    Crossbar compatible Roll Top

    Camping, snowboarding, mountain biking and pretty much anything else adventurous is now easier with the HSP Roll R Cover and Loadbar set up. Simply slide your load bar into the existing tracks and away you go!


    Your tools are your livelihood so the HSP Roll Top is there to give you protection like no other.

    Let’s start with electronics, the smart touchpad only works when your vehicle is unlocked.

    Moving onto the exterior we have no physical handles so there is no way of breaking a handle and of course, on the inside the aluminium slats are completely interlocking, so unlike the competitor’s videos you have seen online, you can’t run a knife through the middle of the HSP Roll R Cover

    Don’t believe us? Watch the video below. 


    Extremely At-track-tive Rails

    Water issues are a thing of the past..
    The HSP Roll R Cover has a 6 point water flow system that drains at 60 litres per minute out of two oversized drainage points.
    Additionally, a full-length gutter system and custom-designed seals ensure your tools and belongings are kept nice and dry from rain

    100% Australian Manufactured.

    Yes, that’s right, the Roll R cover is the only 100% Australian made roll top, regardless of other companies sneaky play on words.
    On top of building them in Australia, we decided to dig a bit deeper and have our manufacturing done in our custom-built facilities in Country Victoria, which has created so many Aussie jobs and is something we are very proud of.
    We also design and test the units locally. Oh and, we are 100% Australian owned.


    World First Triple Operation

    The choice is literally in your hands! The HSP Roll R Cover gives you three methods of operation.

    Your factory remote, yes that’s right your existing factory remote automatically controls the unit

    A smart touchpad. Built into our super-sleek side rails, which allows you to open and close the unit with an effortless tap. And for security, the touchpad only works when your vehicle is unlocked.

    Mobile Phone Application and SIRI integration: Simply download the HSP 4×4 App on your iPhone or Android device to control your roll top. Plus a bonus for Apple users and it even works your iWatch and Air pods with Siri integration.

    Manufacturing Quality Compliant to ISO9001
    Curtain Material Aluminium
    Side Rail Material
    Powdercoated Mannix Black
    LED Light

    Voltage: 12V

    Compliant with: EN 60529 Ed. 2.2: 2013 IP66

    Remote Range
    Same Vehicle
    Transmitter Coding
    220 constant rolling code
    3 years




    Fitting a HSP Roll R Cover is so simple! The roll-top itself is clamp-on, the electrics are plug and play, the unit is pre-programmed to your remote and the sports bars slot into pre-mapped insertion points.

    Our Roll R Cover can be fitted at any of our fitting centres or conveniently shipped for DIY fitment. For more information enquire now or visit our fitting centers information page by - Install Instructions LINK

    Extra Notes 

    Information You Need To Know Prior To Purchasing  (The Italic, Asterisks and Fine Print)

    We know that when you purchase a HSP product you’re purchasing a product as a solution, so we want to make sure you know of any additional information or care instructions in normal-sized font, no smoke no mirrors.


    Just like your vehicle would need a service, so does the Roll R Cover, but not to worry, for standard use it is extremely simple and can be done within a few minutes (just a simple clean-up of the rails and canister and a light lubrication every so often). PS every roller cover we have come across requires similar servicing, we just mention it prior to the purchase.


    If you’re planning on using the unit in the sand or corrugated roads for extended periods of time please ensure that you wipe away the sand on the curtain prior to use. This is because the extrusions on the curtain open and close when retracting which allows for sand to sit between the tracks. If this is left for too long it may require additional deep cleans to ensure it runs properly. PS every roller cover we have come across has a similar disclaimer to sand and corrugated road use, we just mention it prior to the purchase.

    Vehicle Specific Information:

    All core functions of the Roll R cover are compatible with every vehicle however due to differences in vehicles there may be some accessories that are not compatible. A perfect example is the load bar not being compatible with any vehicle that has a sail plane. This only affects a few applications so please be sure to check the product page that will give vehicle specific information or speak to any of our friendly staff.

    Tinted Windows:

    This isn’t a must, however, we have noticed that having a roller cover that is so perfectly made can cause you to have a ‘celebrity status’ around the block, so we recommend tinting your windows to avoid the paparazzi taking photos while you’re on the way to work.