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    Volkswagen Amarok (2011-2022) Dual Cab Wedgetail Platform Roof Rack

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    Volkswagen Amarok (2011-2022) Dual Cab Wedgetail Platform Roof Rack available on AfterPay. We deliver Australia-wide! – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth.

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    Volkswagen Amarok (2011-2022) Dual Cab Wedgetail Platform Roof Rack

     Volkswagen Amarok with Wedgetail roof rack installed as the toughest roof rack for Amarok – vehicle hero image.

    Wondering how to make your Amarok the toughest in the street? Why not take a look at the all-new Wedgetail rack? The Wedgetail rack is a new generation roof rack combining the aesthetics and functionality of the new generation composite style assembled rack with the traditional strength and proven identity of an Australian manufacturer. Wedgetail roof racks integrate the all-new Wedge-lock glass reinforced corners that significantly increase the strength of this design, allowing us to offer you a full offroad rating regardless of what road you travel. All Wedgetail racks are manufactured here in Melbourne and Sydney Australia by longstanding industry veteran, Tradesman Roof Racks.


    The Wedgetail roof rack to suit the Volkswagen Amarok fits using the existing 6mm mounting settings in the roof of the vehicle so no drilling required. We then attach a small Lug mount which is sealed from water ingress using a suitable roof and gutter silicone. Once these are fitted we attach our Wedge-wing once piece mounting kit to which the Wedgetail platform connects.

    The advantages of this kind of mounting system don't just stop with a higher load rating and improved aesthetics, but it also allows for easy removal while remaining tough. The wedgetail is wholly removed from the vehicle via four bolts, leaving only four small brackets sealed to the roof.

    Side view of the cabin of the Volkswagen Amarok dual cab with a Wedgetail roof rack installed.


    The Wedgetail platform for the Volkswagen Amarok roof rack is capable of many functions, it uses sturdy crossbars that run to the left and right of the vehicle. This crossbar incorporates a heavy-duty channel both facing upwards and downwards. These channels allow any Wedgetail accessories to be quickly locked in or out; this also means that a large variety of our competitor's accessories can easily be fitted to the Wedgetail rack if necessary. Accessories can be traditionally fitted to the rack with straps also.

    Perfect for any offroad adventure the Wedgetail is both functional and secure, capable of carrying any load including: all the equipment, extra fuel or tools you might need for the job or for the campsite, on top of your car. While providing decent protection in terms of weight bearing for the roof of your car.

    Close up image of the cabin of the Volkswagen Amarok dual cab with a Wedgetail roof rack installed showing the one piece mounting rail and the wind deflector.


    All Wedgetail Racks come standard with a wind deflector to minimise wind noise for your car as much as possible. As well as this Wedgetail racks also include our unique Wedge-flow crossbar design which is the culmination of years of design experience in minimising wind noise. The Wedgetail rack to suit the Volkswagen Amarok is no different.

    We understand how smooth and quite a Volkswagen Amarok is on the road, so we have kept this in mind to ensure we have gone to every length to ensure you have a rack that is quite.

    Wedgetail rack installed on the roof of a Volkswagen Amarok and showing the five crossbars used to make it extra strong.


    One thing you can be sure about with a Wedgetail rack is that no matter what road you are on in this country our full load rating will apply. Wedgetail racks do not need to be de-rated in offroad conditions due to the design and construction methods used, including our wedge-lock corners. The load rating for the Wedgetail rack fitted to a Volkswagen Amarok is 100kg. However, you must be aware of your vehicle's roof loading. This information will be available from your dealer.

    Although the Wedgetail is light and easy to lift, it is essential that you take the weight of the Wedgetail platform off your roof rating, and this will give you your legal carrying capacity. (the reason we don't list this on the website is that it can vary between model variants).


    The Wedgetail platform roof rack has been developed to fill the need for a new generation composite assembly platform roof rack with the strength to maintain its full load rating on the toughest of off-road tracks.

    Built to fit a wide range of 4x4 utes and wagons and selected vans, the Wedgetail platform roof rack is fitted onto a set of mounting rails that are bolted to mounting lugs connected into the sub-structure of the roof or onto the roof gutters and held in place by bolt-on clips.

    These mounts spread the weight of the roof rack and its load over the whole mounting system and have the strength to cope with extended periods of off-road use.

    Exploded view of the front corner of a Wedgetail rack showing the components that make up the rack with names and descriptions placed on each component.


    Manufactured using 6060 grade aluminium and extruded in Australia to custom profiles for use as frame components or as crossbars. The frame components are designed for maximum dynamic strength while the crossbars are designed to withstand the direct downwards pressures generated by the weight of items carried on the rack or by accessories fitted on the crossbars.

    The frame bars are pre-punched with holes at between 250 and 310 mm spacing for locating of crossbars and fixing of wind deflectors.

    All bar components are powder coated in matt black.

    A frame rail with a hole punched in the bottom flange which will be used to bolt in a crossbar.



    The corner units are moulded using a composite of nylon and glass-reinforcing mixed with other strengthening substances. Once cast the corner units are machined to remove surplus materials and mounting holes are drilled.

    The Wedge-lock corner units have a flanged nut inserted into the outside of the bolt hole. The ends of the corner units are fitted into the frame rails and 8 mm stainless steel bolts are used to fix them in place, creating a strong joint.

    A Wedge-lock corner unit is fitted with a nut and then inserted into the frame rail before being fixed in place with a 8 mm stainless steel bolt.


    Part Number: WT-VA-1413

    Included: WTP-1413
    & WTM-VA-1413

    Width: 1300 mm

    Length: 1400 mm

    Weight: 24 kg

    Fit time: 60 minutes

    Fitting instructions


    Wedgetail Racks, in general is an order in product with a 1-5 business day lead time. If you have an urgent need for the product please contact before purchasing. Due to this item exceeding 30kgs we will deliver it to your closest depot unless a COMMERCIAL ADDRESS WITH A FORKIFT is provided on checkout. We can provide door to door delivery options for an extra fee, Please contact our sales team on 1300 773 494 orsales@ppdperformance.com.au within 24hrs of the order being placed if you would like us to quote this option for you.