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    VW Amarok Stainless Steel Exhausts

    Installing one of our VW Amarok stainless steel exhausts enables you to optimise the power and performance of your 4WD. We stock high quality VW Amarok exhausts designed specifically to take your vehicle’s performance to the next level.

    Our VW Amarok stainless steel exhausts better handle emissions to free up power. Their state-of-the-art design enables the engine to breathe better and generate more energy.

    Our VW Amarok exhausts come in a kit with everything you need to install your upgraded exhaust system. The kits includes pipes, mufflers, and exhaust headers.

    VW Amarok Exhausts

    We use the mandrel bending method in manufacturing our VW Amarok stainless steel exhausts. As a result, the diameter of the pipes stays the same through the length, allowing energy to flow seamlessly.

    VW Amarok exhausts

    Our VW Amarok exhausts are made from high-grade stainless steel to withstand corrosion from rust and seawater and last the distance.

    Aside from the performance improvements, our aftermarket exhausts also look and sound great. Your VW Amarok will stand out in a crowd thanks to the product’s polished finish.

    Once installed, you will notice the difference in the sound our VW Amarok exhausts make.  Our VW Amarok stainless steel exhausts produce a deep vibrato that’s sure to turn heads. 

    VW Amarok Stainless Steel Exhausts Installation

    Our exhausts are designed for easy bolt-on installation. That means you don’t need to drill additional holes to install the exhaust. You also don’t need to use ramps, hoists, or stands.

    If you prefer professional assistance for installation, we can refer you to one of the installers within our network. We have trusted fitters across Australia.

    If you have any questions about VW Amarok stainless steel exhausts and other aftermarket parts, contact PPD Performance today. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our range of 4WD accessories.